25 Chapter 24

-[Mount Justice]-


He and Robin stood in front of the remaining members of the team, the holographic computer showing the images Robin had previously shown him.

"Someone has been kidnapping geneticists from around the world. They've abducted five so far and we don't know if they plan on kidnapping more." Dante explained.

"Not exactly uplifting." Wally commented.

"Robin and I believe that it may have a connection with the Kobra Venom trade we stopped in Santa Prisca last month." Dante continued as a confused expression emerged on Artemis' face.

"Sportsmaster supplied the cult of Kobra with the blockbuster formula which they combined with Bane's venom to make Kobra Venom. We captured them and stopped the trade but it looks like it's not over." Robin explained seeing as how she wasn't a member of the team at the time.

Her eyes widened in shock. "You guys captured Sportsmaster?"

"Yep!" Wally confirmed smugly.

Artemis threw Dante a subtle look. He understood her shock. During the recruitment, he had neglected to add the part about them putting her father in prison.

Returning the look, Dante continued. "With numerous potential targets in varying locations, we can't predict who will be abducted next."

"If that's the case then how are we going to find them?" M'gann asked in a worried manner.

"We'll split up into groups of two and investigate each of the kidnappings. M'gann and Robin, you two will investigate David Steward. Superboy and Wally, you two will take Sarah Smith. Kaldur and Artemis, you'll take Ryan Kim."

"Not to burst your bubble but who does that leave you with?" Superboy asked.

"I'll be going alone to investigate Emily Cintron." He answered.

"Is that wise?" Kaldur questioned.

"We don't have a better option. We're spread thin as it is. If we don't get results, we'll all meet up and investigate Maxwell Johnson together." Dante answered calmly, a plan already forming in his head.

"Alright everyone move out." He said, seeing that a few were still staring in concern.

They nodded, making their way to the zeta tubes to set their destinations and begin the mission. Dante stayed for a moment, pulling out his phone.

He felt M'gann place a hand on his forearm, drawing his attention. "Be careful." She said in a concerned manner.

He smiled, patting her head softly. "I'll be fine."

Besides J'onn, he was technically her only family member on earth. Despite being a clone and also being younger, it felt like he was the older sibling between both of them.

Only after that reassurance did she nod before leaving, Robin trailing behind as the Zeta Tube announced their departure.

Within moments, he was alone in the cave. He dialed up a contact on the phone, watching it ring.

It didn't take more than a few seconds for the person on the other end to pick up. "Dante?"

"Hey, Zee. Are you free right now? I need your help with something." He asked.

"Sure I'm free. What do you need?"

"Do you have a spell that can track down someone?" He remembered that it was how Zatara tracked down the Injustice League in the original timeline.

"Is this a team mission thing?" She asked as he allowed the phone to levitate in front of him as he accessed the cave computer.

"Yeah. Some guys got kidnapped and we need to find them as soon as possible. Can you do it?" He questioned.

"I-I'm not sure." She answered, sounding uncertain. "The words are one thing but I'm…I'm just not sure if I can pull it off."

"That's fine. It looks like I'll have to find another way." He said as he pulled up the victim's records.

"I'm sorry." Zatanna said in an obviously disheartened tone.

"Don't be. I told you it's okay. I have to go, we'll talk after the mission." He assuaged but it did little as her voice remained sad as she responded.


'I'll have to go see her after all this.' He thought, the line cutting as he focused his full attention on the screen in front of him. 'Thank you Morrow.'

He was utilizing the computer skills he stole from T.O. Morrow and his assistant. It took a laughable effort to pull up Emily's credit card records.

It was last used in a local grocery store near her apartment. 'Nothing unusual there.' He thought as he watched the store's security footage, seeing the woman purchase nothing out of the ordinary.

There was nobody looking suspicious around her so that was one area ruled out. He opened another screen, gaining access to police files with relative ease.

One of her friends at work was the one to report her disappearance to the police. Apparently Emily was a strict and disciplined woman so her absence from work drew her friend's attention.

When she went to visit her, they found the apartment empty. Her last expenses and sightings were on the same day, the day before she was reported missing.

'Other than the date she was kidnapped, I've got nothing.' He thought in slight frustration.

He let out a sigh. 'I guess it's time to visit her apartment.'


-[New Hampshire]-

He was once again thankful for the existence of Zeta Tubes. It hadn't taken him time to locate Emily Cintron's apartment.

In camouflage mode, he lowered himself above the apartment, shifting his density to pass through the roof and into the apartment.

Staying in camouflage mode, he flew around until he located her room. 'Room 17, found you.' He thought as he floated in front of the door.

With that, he shifted his density once again to pass through the door, returning to view once inside.

Flying carefully, he inspected the apartment room for signs of a struggle. 'Would a normal person even be able to struggle if it was a professional assassin?' He thought as he looked around.

Continuing his search, he didn't find anything other than dirty laundry, leaving him frustrated. 'At this rate, I won't find anything.'

'This building should have security cameras. I should be able to hack into it from the reception downstairs.' He thought.

Before he could execute his thoughts, his phone rang. Fishing it out, he raised a brow at the caller ID before answering.

"Hey, Zee. Anything wrong?" He asked in confusion and a small amount of concern.

"Do you still need that locator spell?" She asked instead of answering.

"Yeah." He drawled.

"Well I'll have to prepare a bit but I think I can help." She said, sounding happy with herself.

"That's great." 'Now that should save us a lot of time.'

"But there is a downside." She said, taking a pause. "I'll need something this person used. Something personal to them."

At that, he raised a brow. "Hold on a minute." He said as he flew to the bedroom, remembering something he found during his search.

He telekinetically pulled out the drawer of the desk, levitating a plain brown book. "Is a diary personal enough for you?" He asked as he flipped through it.

"That should do. Wait a minute, did you break into someone's house?" She asked, getting a brief silence from him.

"No…" he said unconvincingly. "Anyways, I'm on my way with the diary. I'll see you soon."

Ending the call, he looked at the book floating in front of him. 'What kind of adult still keeps a diary?' He wondered incredulously as he exited the apartment with it.


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