1 Chapter 1


In a dimly lit room, a pod stood at the center with a control panel a few feet in front of it. Inside the pod, a teenage boy with blonde hair and fair skin carefully looked around the room.

'How long has it been?' He thought as his blue eyes peeled open.

In front of the control panel was a dark skinned woman with short hair in a white lab coat. She was taking some notes on a clipboard she held in her hand.

His eyes then moved to the walls that were made of a disgusting red substance. Though he was conscious, he stayed silent as the woman worked.

It wasn't the first time he was waking up and seeing her, he'd stopped counting after the tenth time. Though there was the initial confusion, he had gotten the summary of what was going on.

He had died. There was no cool or sad story to it, he had died in his sleep. All he remembered was the pain in his chest before he felt his body turn cold.

After that, he woke up here in a pod. He was acutely aware of the three small creatures above his pod. If the weird aesthetic of the room didn't give him a hint of what was happening, the images the small creatures force fed him did the job.

Telepathy…It took a while to wrap his head around it but he managed. They showed him images and downloaded knowledge of the world into his mind.

Superman, Batman, the Justice League…they were all real but that wasn't the scary part.

No. The scary part was his identity. What they force fed him also contained who he was or at least what he was.

Project Mars. The genetic clone of Martian Manhunter and the Black Canary, truly an odd mix. That alone was enough to tell him which version of DC he was in; the young justice version.

He was a clone just like the Superboy. Unlike the latter who had only been awakened when Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash came to rescue him, Cadmus seemed to take a more active approach with him.

Though he had never been let out of the room, he had been awoken numerous times to test his abilities. There was the natural instinct on how to use his powers but they were just that, instinct.

The aspect of his telepathic ability was handled by the genomorphs 'teachings'. Teachings in the sense that they simply downloaded it into his mind.

The others such as Telekinesis, Shapeshifting, Camouflage and Density Shifting were left to him to figure out manually.

He was regularly awakened to test his telekinetic limit with the numerous heavy machinery that the scientist in front of him would bring with the help of the stronger genomorphs.

While Telekinesis came to him naturally, Shapeshifting and Camouflage were a bit more difficult. Density Shifting was the aspect he had made almost no progress in.

He was half expecting a sonic scream to emerge from his mouth at any second but he wasn't that lucky.

It almost made him wonder why they even used Canary's DNA but that was easily answered the first few times he was awakened.

Human DNA was a universally accepting DNA. Its ability to adapt and evolve was something mysterious yet amazing. The malleability of Martian DNA and the adaptive and evolving ability of human DNA was a perfect combination in this case.

Even after being exposed to fire, the bane of all martians in the solar system, he'd only felt a mild discomfort. The look of achievement on the scientists' faces when they discovered it told him that it was one of their goals regarding his creation.

He kept himself informed about the happenings of the lab by peering through the mind of the dark skinned scientist in front of him named Amanda Spence.

Looking up from her clipboard, she pressed a button on the console in front of her. With a mechanic whirring sound, the pod opened up, allowing him to step out.

He didn't move further than that as the woman moved towards him, unafraid. They believed that he was under their total control so they had no fear in treating him as they liked.

'It's that time again.' He thought as the woman gestured to a large metallic box behind her. Already knowing what she wanted, he reached out with his telekinesis to lift the machine.

He played his part as the docile and obedient clone. He would bid his time until it was right.


His eyes snapped open as he felt and alert go through his head. His patience was finally paying off, something he noted with satisfaction as he delved into the mental link shared by the genomorphs in Cadmus.

Though Cadmus was smart, they'd overlooked one thing and that was the effectiveness of telepathy induced sleep on another telepath.

With the very knowledge he had learned from the genomorphs, he'd resisted and kept himself passively connected to the mental network of genomorphs in the building, allowing him to somewhat keep track of what was happening.

Right now, a command was being sent through that link. It's intent; to activate all the genomorphs in Cadmus. With him being connected, it woke him up as well.

Through the link, he traced the mind which sent the command before subtly delving into it. Images of a burning lab room came forward, as well as that of Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash running off with a recently freed Superboy in tow.

'I guess it's time.' He thought as he called on his telekinesis, blasting the glass of the pod open. Alarms blared loudly as he stepped out of the pod.

With the three sidekicks plus Superboy making a fuss, it was his opportunity to bust out of the place. He took one glance at the black bodysuit he was in, an organic suit made identically to that of Martian Manhunter.

It had the capability of obeying his mental command and morphing along with him whenever he shapeshifted.

He made his way to the mechanical door, exercising his power once again as he blasted the door off its hinges.

He didn't waste time as he lifted himself above the ground, flying out of the room and into the hallway.

'According to Spence's memories, I'm on sublevel 53. One level below project Kr.' He thought as he delved back into the mental connection, taking in some of the information that was being bounced around.

The sidekicks had encountered some awakened G-trolls and fought their way past them before making their way towards the elevator.

He also came across an order that made him pause mentally and physically in the air. In front of him were large G-trolls blocking the hallway.

Though they were a bit late in response, his breakout had been noticed and they were intent on stopping him as well.

The creatures let out animalistic and loud growls as they hurried menacingly towards him. He stretched his palm forward as an invisible force sent the G-trolls off their feet and flying back.

Telekinesis was noted to be his strongest point and that was proven by the ease at which he dealt with the genomorphs.

As he continued his flight, more genomorphs of different species attempted to stop him only to be sent crashing into the walls around as he flew his way to freedom.

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