48 Chapter 48 - (R18) No One Under 18 Should Be Permitted

"Ciel, thank you…" Her voice was clear, and the previous drunkenness was gone.

"For everything you did for me so far… Back then in the mountains, and now… I know I behaved like a spoiled brat… You saved my life so many times," she honestly admitted.

"Do you think the simple thank you would be enough?" He groaned.

"Uhm… Tell me what you want? I will do anything for you in return…"

As long as he didn't ask for money, she was confident she could cater to his wishes.

"Stop calling me Ciel, please."

"What?" Violet was confused.

"You gave me that nickname when we were younger, but I'm no longer a child. It's time for you to see me as a grown-up man that I'm… Call me by my name properly."

Violet's big eyes were locked on him. Did he hate his nickname that much? 

She had no idea…


"Yes, Violet…" His voice was low when he called her name like he was holding back.

"Is this everything that you want?"


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