1266 You Belong to No One But Me

Jiang Yuyan moved back and looked at him, "Don't go. It's not safe at all."

Lu Lijun stared closely into her eyes which carried nothing but a worry and fear of what if he got hurt. Just to make sure he won't be in any kind of harm, she was ready to do what she never wished to. 

Lu Lijun wondered, 'I wish all this was out of love for me. All she cares about is keeping me safe at all costs. Why can't she just love me instead?'

Seeing him silent and just staring at her, she asked, "Did you get me? Don't go at this hour." Her voice was gentle and full of worry.

It pulled Lu Lijun out of his thoughts and he smirked, "Our deal was not about just a peck. Do you call it a kiss?"

It left Jiang Yuyan stunned. She had already done what she should not but this guy couldn't see her worry for him and kept acting stubborn. 


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