1245 Wife's Duty

Seeing him so intimidating, she lowered her gaze while Ming Rusheng smirked as the water from the shower continued to flow along their bodies. 

"As you are so adamant about being my wife and being a responsible one at that, should we start with the most important wife's duty?" Ming Rusheng asked as he ran his fingers from her temple, closer to her ear, and along her jawline which stopped at her chin as he held it and made her look up at him.

He didn't wait for her reply and sealed her cold and soft lips with his warm once to suck and nibble them gently as his one hand moved the back of her head while the other one held her at the waist to hold her tightly and closer to himself as much as possible.

Lu Lian couldn't hold back as she could never resist his advances and ended up kissing him back as she sucked and nibbled his lips while her hands rested on his chest. Though he didn't remember her, he was the one she loved and nothing mattered more than that.


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