1428 Want To Touch And Feel You

Dear reader, I have started my 3rd novel which is the entry for WSA 2022 contest. 

Title- The Devil's Cursed Witch

I hope You all will help me win the contest by reading and supporting the new novel.


Getting his release, Lu Lijun opened his closed lustful eyes while panting heavily and looked at the woman who had given him this pleasure. Her delicate hands still holding his manhood, she looked at him to see that satisfaction in his eyes that she had given him.

Both didn't know what to say but he looked like it was not enough for him and moved his hand to the back of her neck to pull her into a kiss. It was his way of saying she did well and he loved it. 

Jiang Yuyan freed her hands that were covered in the release of her man and kissed him back, his passion was engulfing her slowly to pull her into him. 


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