1497 Waiting To See her Face

Ming Lan looked utterly shocked as she moved her gaze from her mobile on the floor and then towards the man who had just stepped out of the bathroom while drying his damp hair with the small white towel.

He looked at the shocked looking woman in front of her with a questioning gaze as he didn't know what happened and then looked at the mobile which was on the floor, a few feet away from both of them.

He walked forward to get the mobile but before that Ming Lan acted at a speed of bullet train and kneeled on the floor with her hand covering the mobile screen while Wen Zac reached there as well. 

She awkwardly raised her head to look up at him and offered him a forced smile, "I-I got it." She already pressed the side power button on the mobile to turn off the screen. 

"Let me check if it's broken?" he offered as he had clearly heard quite a loud sound of mobile dropping while stepping out of the bathroom. 


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