1383 Sweet And Cheeky Lus

Martha served the tea for everyone and they picked up the cups one by one. As all the chairs were arranged in a circle around the circular wooden table in the centre, It was easy for everyone to see each other.

Surprised Lu Lian could not stop thinking about the new thing she got to know. 'Jake and Noah? How come I didn't notice it? I am so blind,' she then looked at the two and thought, 'Aww, so sweet. They look so good together both hot and handsome…' She then cursed herself, 'Stop your fujoshi mind, Lian, they are your brothers.' She was so happy for them and thought, 'BaoBao will be happy to know it. Poor girl, can't be here when we all are together.'

When Lu Lian was busy admiring the two and others enjoyed tea with snacks, Noah glanced at Jake and frowned, 'You asshole, what are you hiding from me? Even if you won't tell me, I will make sure to find it.' He then remembered the words that Mark said- Jake has a criminal record just because of you.


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