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Jiang Yuyan took Lu Lijun to his home. Lu Lijun stepped out of the car and looked at the home. Though he had been here before, he never saw this place in sunlight. Both times he came there at night and left early in the morning even before sun rays could cover that place. 

As he stared at it, Jiang Yuyan instructed, "Let's go inside."

Lu Lijun nodded and followed her. The butler came out and greeted them. No one acted as if it was Lu Lijun's first time in that home as in their minds they knew he had visited here twice but no one said it aloud either. 

"Guest room is ready," the butler informed. 

"Xiao Min, help him get settled in his room," Jiang Yuyan instructed.

Xiao Min nodded and looked at the butler, "Which one?"

"The one upstairs," the butler replied, "Let me take you there."

"Wait!" Jiang Yuyan interrupted them. 


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