1459 Show Me, What You Are Wearing

Jiang Yuyan went out shopping and spent her time relaxing in the spa after the tiring shopping. They would be going on vacation and she needed more clothes than what she had brought here with her with the thought of staying hardly a few days. 

While shopping she felt like a young girl in love who wanted everything best for herself and that the man she loved would like it as well and find her beautiful. 

She wore one short dress and looked into the mirror or trial room where one sales girl was carrying various dresses for her to try, 'This is too short. I haven't worn such a short dress for years. I should not buy it. Even Lu Lijun will find it odd to see me in such a dress like I am any young girl in her prime. I should go for something decent and more covering.'

She turned to look at the girl with the intention of trying on another dress but she heard the girl, "Miss, you are looking so pretty in this dress."


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