1017 She Would Leave Soon...

Angry Lu Lijun pushed everything from the table on the floor, which made noises. Other than work files, the things included his laptop, the empty glass of water, the paperweight made of glass, table clock, and few more things which would add to the noise.

In the silent environment office, the noise spread across the floor, which everyone heard. 

It startled the receptionists, "Is it from the fourth young master's office," said one receptionist, and the two went towards his office. The guard on the floor and San Zemin's man, who was always there, went towards there too. 

Noah, who was busy working, heard it and sighed, "This guy," and stood up to go to Lu Lijun's office. 

Xiao Min was with Jiang Yuyan as they discussed something, and the two heard it too. 

"I'll check," saying Xiao Min came out of the president's office. 

When Xiao Min came out, he saw the receptionist and the guards outside Lu Lijun's office and Noah entering inside. 


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