1095 She Will Find Him...

When Lu Lijun left, no one knew it except for Noah, Jake, Liwei, and An Tian. No one knew where he went. His two friends and An Tian were relieved that the stubborn guy finally got his brain on the right track. 

It was the time for Liwei and Lu Lijun to be in the venue hall, and soon the engagement ceremony would start. 

Liwei's mother came to her room, "It's time we should leave."

Liwei, who sat in the chair in front of the dresser, didn't react. 

Mrs. Wen looked around, "Where are your friends and cousins?" 

"I sent them out," Liwei replied.

Mrs. Wen noticed Liwei was silent and went to her, "Are you not feeling well? It must have been anxiety before....."

"I am fine, mother."

"Let's go then. everyone is waiting."

"We can't proceed with this engagement."

It startled Mrs. Wen. "What do you mean?"


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