1119 Scared Of The Dark

Seeing the paper scroll from the temple in Lu Lijun's hand. Jiang Yuyan asked in shock, "Why do you have it?" 

"Isn't it a wrong question?" he said and ready to go to her. "It's the proof of our wedding, so how can I not have it?"

His words made her anxious, and she said, "There is no meaning to this paper. You don't need to keep it…."

Lu Lijun chuckled, which stopped her from talking. He looked at the paper scroll and stepped towards her as he said, "If there is no meaning to it, then why were you searching for it so desperately?"

Not having an answer to his question, her sight fixed at the paper scroll in his hand as if she thought to snatch it away, but it was not easy to do so. 

"Or, were you trying to destroy it?" Lu Lijun asked as he stood in front of her. 

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