1410 My Life Is Meant To Obey Her

"By the way brother Feng, if you make your woman busy like how brother Han has made, next time I might spare you for real," Lu Lian spoke. 

"Busy, you mean a baby," Ming Rusheng asked. 

"Hmm," Lu Lian nodded. 

"Pfft," Jiang Yang laughed lightly, "Things don't happen when two people live in two separate rooms." 

"Really?" Lu Lian asked, "I thought my brother would have moved to her room by now." She then looked at Lu Lijun, "Look at my little bunny. How good he is that his woman shifted to his room," she looked at Lu Feng, "You have disappointed me, elder brother."

Lu Lijun looked at Lu Feng and offered him a teasing and evil smirk as if he was mocking his elder brother. 

"He is all show off and nothing much," Ming Rusheng commented, smirking at Lu Feng. 


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