1013 Intentionally Lured The Poor Kids...

Note- There are two mini flashbacks in this chapters, so don't get confused. 

When Noah waited for his drink at the bar counter, Jake and Lu Lijun stared at him. 

"You should thank my so-called friends for letting you see this side of him again," Lu Lijun commented. 

Jake nodded, "I should. I missed this Noah for so long."

"It reminded me of the days when Jerome trained us," Lu Lijun said. 

Jake agreed, "That was the best time we three had together."

Lu Lijun stared at Noah for a while, who looked normal just as he called himself sweet and gentle, but Lu Lijun didn't wish to buy it. 

"Jake, did something happen with him?" Lu Lijun asked. 

Jake looked at Noah, "Not sure, but I can say something is troubling him."

"He acts like this only when something is in his mind and takes it out like this by messing with troublemakers around."

Jake agreed again and concluded, "He was the one to get those three here intentionally."


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