1151 In My Dreams

Jiang Yuyan took Lu Lijun upstairs to her room as the stubborn guy obediently followed her. As they entered the room, she closed the door only to turn and glare at him. 

"What were you about to say there?" she asked coldly as the anger brewed inside her.

"The fact?" he replied the same way as her. He, too, looked upset and was ready to argue with her.

"What fact? That nonsense filled in your brain is not a fact," she countered.

"But that nonsense is the reality of my life...Our lives," he corrected.

Jiang Yuyan angrily stepped towards him to stand facing him, and she glared into his eyes as they looked full of warning. "Listen to me carefully. I will say it for the last time."

Lu Lijun stood calmly in his place to listen to her. 

"Keep this in your mind that I am not your wife. That marriage means nothing because you were a kid. It was nothing more than a child's play. By the law, you can never claim me as your wife."


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