1187 Hurt

Looking at Jake and Lu Lijun, Nicole understood these two didn't know where Noah was, and she said, "Is he not with you two?"

Jake stayed silent as he was still worried about Noah and Lu Lijun answered, "He is not with us."

"You two don't know where he is," she concluded.

"We thought he was with you for the past few days...I mean nights," Jake answered. 

Nicole, the pretty and tall lady, wearing an elegant olive green dress and had captured the eyes of every passing man, looked silent all of sudden as if she was thinking about something. 

"Is something wrong with him these days?" she asked. 

"Did he say something," Lu Lijun asked her.

"I could feel something was bothering him, but he never talked about it," she answered.

The three turned silent, and Nicole spoke, "It's not like he and I are dating. It's just a casual relationship for...You know what I mean….," she stopped.

The other two understood what she meant.


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