1181 Great Idea

As Ming Lan went to the office with her brother, she could not just sit and do nothing. 

Ming Lan sat comfortably on the couch and looked at her serious-looking brother, who had already started drowning himself into a pile of work.

"How about I become my brother's assistant today?" she asked.

Busy Ming Rusheng didn't look at his sister but commented, "My assistant doesn't have a privilege to sit comfortably on the couch and lazying around. 

Ming Lan immediately sat attentively and spoke, "If brother let me be his assistant, I can be on my toes all the time, running here and there. If not, I'll go to your woman and trouble her."

Ming Rusheng finally looked at her, and she cleared her throat, "I mean, I will go to the woman in the office next to yours…."

Ming Rusheng said nothing and resumed his work. Ming Lan stood up and went to her brother as she sat in the chair opposite to him on the other side of his work table.


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