1478 Do You Want To Try It now?

When Lu Lijun was talking, Jiang Yuyan looked at him, 'He is doing so many things for me. What can I do for him that would make him happy?'

She thought about what she could do, 'A gift for him? Shall I just buy a Yacht for him here? Would be a piece of cake…umm…He himself can buy it for himself. I shall think of something else….' she thought but nothing could come to her mind, 'Seems like my brain has turned rusty. Let's just search online what is in trend these days and what guys like.'

She pulled out her cellphone as she saw Lu Lijun was still busy talking with Jake. 

She typed in her cellphone to search- How to make your man happy?

So many options appeared and she clicked on the first one. The next moment a video opened and she got the shock of her life that the mobile in her hand fell down as her hands trembled. 


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