1392 Did He Just Wink?

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Just as An Tian left, Noah followed him as well. 

Jiang Yang turned to the two brothers, "You two continued."

"I'll go and have a nice bath and then I will eat a lot," Lu Lian said. 

"Are you yet to have a bath?" Lu Feng looked at her. 

"Well, I was in a hurry to see you. I will come quickly," she said and dashed out of the kitchen as Jiang Yang followed her out, leaving the two brothers to finish their work. 

Soon the two finished and stepped out of the kitchen as they left the rest work to Martha and Jerome of arranging the breakfast table. 

Everyone was present in the drawing room except for the birthday girl. Ming Rusheng stepped out of his room and came across Lu Feng and Lu Lijun in the Drawing room. He looked ready and fresh. 


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