1086 Comfortable And Decent...

Three chapters today.


The following day Jiang Yuyan woke up. She realized she was in her office lounge. She looked at the clock on the bedside table. 

"Already office hours? Did I sleep that long?" She mumbled, trying to get up, which pained her. 

"Damn these periods. I hope I never had them again," she cursed. 

Just then, the door opened, and Xiao Min entered the lounge. "Good morning, boss."

Looking at the pleasantly smiling Xiao Min, Jiang Yuyan asked sarcastically, "Are you happy going through the trouble?"

Xiao Min just smiled and brought medicines for her. 

Jiang Yuyan accepted the medicines and spoke, "I warned you already. If those medicines worked, you would be the one in trouble."

"Well, this time, someone else went through the trouble," Xiao Min spoke. 

Having medicines, Jiang Yuyan asked, "What do you mean?"

"Fourth young master," Xiao Min replied.


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