1237 Changed The Game

When Ming Rusheng was being taken to the test, his eyes were searching for someone but not seeing that person even when he reached the test room, he finally gave up. His parents and sister were there but he wanted to see her too. Just as the door of the room opened, he heard a voice that made his restless mind calm. 

"Doctor Hao, I hope I am not late. Is it done already?" she asked. 

"We are just taking him for a test," doctor Hao replied and entered the test room. 

"You look like you ran here," Ming Lan asked. 

"I had to go to the work site for an urgent matter. I returned as soon as I could. And you all were here so I had nothing to worry about." she replied, catching her breath. 

Ming Rusheng didn't look at her as if he didn't hear her though he wished to turn and take at least one look at her. He was relieved that she was back. 

'I am getting used to her presence it seems,' he thought.


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