Young and Beautiful Wife: Sir, Be Patient

He rescued her. It took him eight years to pamper her into the most beautiful woman in the city. Anyone who dared to lay a finger on her would die! Little did he know, she had long set his sights on him. She considered him as her possession. Did someone look at her man? It didn't matter if the person was a man or a woman. She'd torture them in the most horrible way possible! However, to her surprise... "Are you done playing?" He forced her into a corner. That's when she found out that he'd known all along...

Zong Qi · Urban
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480 Chs


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Jiang Zhen's words were a huge blow to Mu Anan.

Mu Anan froze on the spot, digesting the information.

What did he mean?

She wasn't Jiang Zhen's daughter, but Jiang Zhen had done a paternity test before, and she was his daughter?

Was someone manipulating all this behind the scenes?

Or was there someone who had been watching her since she was young?

Someone even informed Zong Zhengyu to save her?


"Who told you this? Is it a fake Mu Caijie? What else do you know?" Mu Anan asked.

However, Jiang Zhen just smiled and did not reply to Mu Anan. He turned around and left.

Mu Anan wanted to stop him, but the law enforcement officers had already brought Jiang Zhen into the car.

Mu Anan stood rooted to the ground. She did not come back to her senses until the escort van moved forward and left the road.

She had been thinking about the meaning behind Jiang Zhen's words.