Young and Beautiful Wife: Sir, Be Patient

He rescued her. It took him eight years to pamper her into the most beautiful woman in the city. Anyone who dared to lay a finger on her would die! Little did he know, she had long set his sights on him. She considered him as her possession. Did someone look at her man? It didn't matter if the person was a man or a woman. She'd torture them in the most horrible way possible! However, to her surprise... "Are you done playing?" He forced her into a corner. That's when she found out that he'd known all along...

Zong Qi · Urban
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480 Chs

Made a Decision

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"Before I returned, I discussed that matter with Fifth Master."

Zong Zhengyu said slowly, "Fifth Master had indeed set his eyes on that project from the beginning. He flew to Jianglan City many times to discuss it with your grandfather. In the end, when he found that that project was not feasible, he temporarily gave up."

Mu Anan's tension was instantly released.

No, it wasn't.

The mastermind wasn't Seventh Master's biological brother.

All the negative thoughts in her mind earlier would not exist.

"But you said that Fifth Master is a crazy researcher and won't give up easily, right?" Mu Anan asked.

Zong Zhengyu nodded.

The cold wind blew in from outside the window, and Mu Anan's shoulders trembled.

Zong Zhengyu got up and helped Mu Anan to lean against the headboard. He pulled the blanket over her to prevent her from catching a cold.