Young and Beautiful Wife: Sir, Be Patient

He rescued her. It took him eight years to pamper her into the most beautiful woman in the city. Anyone who dared to lay a finger on her would die! Little did he know, she had long set his sights on him. She considered him as her possession. Did someone look at her man? It didn't matter if the person was a man or a woman. She'd torture them in the most horrible way possible! However, to her surprise... "Are you done playing?" He forced her into a corner. That's when she found out that he'd known all along...

Zong Qi · Urban
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480 Chs

I Am Yours, Only Yours!

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Zong Zhengyu liked the girl's acting skills.

His eyes were sharp.

She pretended to be pitiful and wronged.

When she turned her head, her almond-shaped eyes revealed intelligence again, like a little fox.

She was cute.

Seventh Master reached out and rubbed Mu Anan's head involuntarily.

Mu Anan looked up at Zong Zhengyu and winked at Seventh Master mischievously.

When she lowered her head and faced Jiang Zhen, she looked pitiful and timid again.

"Dad, can you let me think about it for a few days? I, I'm a little scared..."

"Sure! Sure!" Jiang Zhen said repeatedly, his face filled with surprise.

He was nervous that Mu Anan would refuse to go back with him if he came over.

He had thought of many words.

However, Mu Anan seriously said that she would consider it. It was promising.

Jiang Zhen felt that this girl had a good temper.

She was soft and weak, kind-hearted and easy to talk to.