1 Come With Me

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"Be good, Little Anan. Don't come out no matter what happens. Stay here and don't make a sound."

Mu Anan's mother hurriedly hid her in the wardrobe. Because her mother was too anxious, she did not close the wardrobe tightly.

Mu Anan's eyes widened as she watched a man attack her mother with a knife. She watched helplessly as her mother fell into a pool of blood.

Her mother looked at her wide-eyed, as if she was using her last bit of strength to tell her to stay put and not come out. She mustn't come out! 

Mu Anan shook violently.

The 12-year-old her was too frightened having witnessed something so violent. She was very scared and wanted to scream and rush out.

But her mother's words kept echoing in her mind.

She must stay strong. She must resist screaming or rushing out! 

Because just like before, if she was obedient, her mother would reward her with candy.

Therefore, as long as she listened to her mother, her mother would give her candy after everything was over.

As long as she listened to her mother!

Mu Anan kept telling herself to be strong, but when her grandfather crawled in and was brutally killed, the defense in her heart collapsed.

She couldn't take it anymore and screamed!

Her scream immediately made the assailant turn and look at the wardrobe where she was hiding.

The assailant was wearing a mask, but his eyes were cold and ferocious. Mu Anan trembled violently in fear and screamed, "Mommy! Grandpa, Anan is scared. Mommy!"

"Mommy, Anan didn't mean to be disobedient. Anan is really scared. Mommy, please give Anan a hug."

"Mommy, Anan needs a hug."

She screamed desperately, but her mother and grandfather were both lying in a pool of blood, both powerless.

The assailant opened the wardrobe mercilessly and looked at Mu Anan with no warmth in his eyes. He raised his knife high like a killing machine...



Just as Mu Anan screamed in fear, a loud gunshot was heard. The assailant's knife fell to the ground. He looked at his injured hand and his expression turned even more ferocious as he used his other hand to attack Mu Anan.

Another gunshot rang out and a group of well-trained bodyguards jumped in through the windows. They raised their guns, aimed at the assailant, and fired!

While the assailant quickly hid, his accomplices rushed in through the door.

A gunfight broke out in the small room.

Mu Anan hid in the wardrobe and trembled. Bullets were flying before her eyes when she was suddenly attracted by a scene...

A man in a black suit was standing near the door. He held a cigarette between his lips as he walked in through the rain of bullets and headed straight for Mu Anan.

Mu Anan, who was trembling in fear, suddenly calmed down.

She stared at the man blankly, as if mesmerized by the light he was emitting. 

The man squatted in front of Mu Anan and said in a low voice, "Such beautiful eyes shouldn't have seen such a scene."

The man then carried Mu Anan out of the wardrobe. An assailant behind him raised his gun and aimed it at the man. The man calmly dodged the bullet. He held Mu Anan with one arm while grabbing the gun of a nearby person with his other hand. He aimed the gun it at the assailant's head and pulled the trigger.


Mu Anan sat up from bed in shock.

She had the same dream again.

It had been eight years since that incident, but she often dreamed of witnessing the tragic deaths of his mother and grandfather.

At that time, Mu Anan thought that she was dead for sure. But in the end, that man appeared and took her away from the scene.

He said, "Come with me."

At that time, Mu Anan was so scared that she couldn't think. She just allowed herself to be taken away by him like a ragdoll.

All she felt was that the man had his own light. Like a god who had descended from the heavens, he saved her. 

However, Mu Anan did not expect that the three words that the man uttered that day would change her life. 

His name was Zong Zhengyu. Because he was the seventh child in his family, the people of Jianglan City always called him Seventh Master!

He was the most feared person in the city.

He had been in power for a long time, controlling ZY International Group and the economic lifeline of Jianglan City.

It was this man, who appeared decisive and cold to the outside world, who spoiled her to the heavens in the last eight years.

Mu Anan was about to get out of bed when the alarm in the imperial garden rang.

"Oh no! Seventh Master has gone crazy!"

As a servant shouted, the entire imperial garden fell into chaos.

Mu Anan did not even have time to change out of her pajamas. She opened the door and rushed out, only to bump into Dr. Gu, who rushed over in a hurry.

"Miss Anan!" Dr. Gu grabbed Mu Anan's hand, his face anxious.

Mu Anan looked at the chaotic servants and heard the smashing sound of porcelain and other things. "What happened with Seventh Master?"

"Miss Anan, Seventh Master's old affliction is acting up."

Zong Zhengyu had migraines and once it acted up, he would go crazy without reason.

Mu Anan was going to look for Zong Zhengyu when Dr. Gu grabbed her wrist. "Miss Anan, I've added something to the medicine that I prescribed for Seventh Master."

"What do you mean?" Mu Anan had a bad feeling.

Dr. Gu was speechless.

Mu Anan was impatient. "Don't waste time. Just tell me!"

"This medicine has a side effect. It will trigger...!"

Mu Anan was silent for almost a minute when she heard this. In the end, she only said, "I understand."

After saying that, she immediately turned and walked straight to Zong Zhengyu's room.

"Miss Anan..."

Dr. Gu wanted to stop her, but Mu Anan was too determined to leave. He could not stop her.

When Mu Anan arrived at Zong Zhengyu's room, all she could hear was things being smashed in the room. She sent all the servants away.

After taking a deep breath, she pushed the door open.

Immediately, a cold aura gushed out of the room.

The sudden opening of the door lit up the dim room, allowing Mu Anan to see the wreckage on the floor clearly.

Other than the bed, everything had been smashed. 

The man at the other end of the room seemed to have merged into the darkness. Even though it was only his back, he still exuded an air of supremacy.

His entire being was filled with ruthlessness and danger!

Mu Anan held the doorknob nervously, but she still mustered up her courage to step forward and close the door!

Immediately after the crisp sound of the door closing rang out, Mu Anan could only feel her vision go black. Her neck was grabbed roughly and she was pressed against the wall!

She looked up and met the man's deep eyes.

His deep eyes were like endless black holes, radiating bottomless danger.

But his face was a piece of priceless art. Although his glabella was red from rubbing to ease his migraine, it did not affect his demon-like beauty.

Mu Anan was so nervous that she felt her entire heart tremble. She struggled to speak, "Seventh, Seventh Master, it's me..."

The man, who was in a rage, suddenly stopped and stared at Mu Anan with his head tilted.

This was the first time Mu Anan was alone with Zong Zhengyu in his irritable state. Although she was very scared, she knew very well that she shouldn't antagonize Zong Zhengyu at this time, or she would be dead. 

Because the unwell Zong Zhengyu had already lost his mind!

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