Young and Beautiful Wife: Sir, Be Patient

He rescued her. It took him eight years to pamper her into the most beautiful woman in the city. Anyone who dared to lay a finger on her would die! Little did he know, she had long set his sights on him. She considered him as her possession. Did someone look at her man? It didn't matter if the person was a man or a woman. She'd torture them in the most horrible way possible! However, to her surprise... "Are you done playing?" He forced her into a corner. That's when she found out that he'd known all along...

Zong Qi · Urban
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480 Chs


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Mu Anan wanted to avoid it, but Zong Zhengyu didn't let her. He grabbed her waist and picked up the phone.


"It's me." A voice came from the phone.

Close enough to the phone, Mu Anan could discern that the voice belonged to an old man and was powerful and intimidating.

She instinctively thought of the grand master of the Zong family.

When Zong Zhengyu heard the voice, he frowned and lowered his voice. "What is it?"

"The itinerary has been decided. My assistant will contact you," the old man said.

Hearing his tone, Mu Anan felt that it was especially stiff and formal, unfitting for a grandfather talking to his grandson.

Having previously heard from Gu Shuqing about how the grand master of the Zong family treated Zong Zhengyu, Mu Anan thought they were affectionate to each other. However, the conversation in reality proved otherwise.