1 Chapter 1: Where It All Begins

Adam Pov

Darkness...I never thought that I would be surrounded by darkness in the afterlife, I expected an angel coming to take me to heaven or a demon that would judge me and then throw me into the deepest layer of hell, where I would be tortured for all eternity. eternity.

However, instead of that, I'm here, in a sea of endless darkness, managing to feel the cold that such a place brings me, even though I no longer have a physical body, I could feel myself stepping on a ''ground'', in addition to other things, except hunger or thirst.

I don't know how long I've been wandering, how long it's been since I died, I didn't care about such things anymore, I just focused on walking, even though I didn't want to, but it was the only thing I could do besides talking to myself like if I was crazy or retarded.

Hello, my name is Adam Horizon, an e-salaried man who had few friends, several bills to pay, and a lot of debts due to my Anime and Manga addiction.

I'm a self-confessed Otaku, I'm not ashamed of it and never will be, only would be if I was one of those losers who sexualize everything or make absurd Shipps that make you sick to look at, second only to furries and pedos on my hate list.

My death was quite accidental, I was eating without any problems until he…the damn broccoli dared to get stuck in my throat right when I was laughing while watching the cartoon that marked my childhood, SpongeBob SquarePants.

The good thing is that the episode of the cartoon was already at the end, so I died watching the episode end.

???????? POV

Interesting, this soul should have been given the judgment to decide whether to go to Heaven or Hell, but instead, it's been wandering the Void for.....800 Years?! Shit, I have to sort this out ASAP!

Damn, the Department, because of the Chief's son's incompetence, we're having administrative problems, it's a good thing the little shit is gone after we complained about the problems to our superiors.

Let's fix this problem right away before it causes more trouble.

3rd pov

As Adam continued to wander through the void, he suddenly felt a tug and then found himself in a different place than he was.

Instead of being Darkness, he was now in a place that was like an office, extremely well decorated.

Adam then looks forward and focuses on the person behind a desk, this person looks to be in his 20s with an average appearance, masculine, short black hair, brown eyes, and white skin tanned by the sun.

"Sit down, Mr.Adam, we have serious matters to discuss." Said the person while a chair appeared in front of Adam, who was surprised by that and had several questions running through his "head", but he obeyed and sat on the chair.

"First of all, I would like to apologize on behalf of my Department, because of our mistake you spent 800 years in the Void, instead of being judged to decide whether you would go to Heaven or Hell." Said the person as he grabbed a document out of nowhere and started to read.

"Hmmm...by what is written in the Document, you should have gone to Heaven and after a few years be reincarnated on Earth again, this time as the son of someone rich and have a full and happy life, with a beautiful and loyal wife and several children." Said the person while looking at Adam from time to time with a certain look of pity.

"I'm really sorry for the inconvenience, that's why the Department will be giving you compensation for such inconvenience...any questions?" asked the person before looking away from the document and focusing on Adam.

".....How will the compensation be?" asks Adam as he looks into the eyes of the person in front of him.

"I saw here in the document that you were an Otaku and a big fan of the 'Youjo Senki' Anime, correct?"

"Yeaaaaah? Where do you want...oh." When Adam realized where the conversation was going, he couldn't hide the smile that was starting to break out on his face.

"Exactly, I'll be sending you to that world as…..the Crown Prince of the Grand Duchy of Dacia! Isn't that amazing?" Asked the person while a smile appeared on his face, thinking that Adam would jump with happiness when he heard this, but what he received was a face full of shock and concern.

"Dacia?! Do you know what happens to that country? They were worse than the Italians on Earth when it's about war!" Said Adam with serious concern in his voice, with a good reason for it.

The Grand Duchy of Dacia, basically Romania in Youjo Senki's world, was an underdeveloped country that was starting to industrialize, with a style of warfare still stuck at the time of the Napoleonic Wars.

A country that sent 600,000 soldiers during the War that was going on against The Empire and lost all its forces to a Battalion of Sorcerers, after that, they were occupied by the Empire in a few months.

In this kind of situation, Adam was seriously thinking about getting the most riches and fleeing to the Unified States, which was Youjo Senki's USA, or maybe making Dacia an "Ally"/Puppet of the Empire, as it was the only way to the nation survive.

"Ah, don't worry Mr.Adam, the Department knows the challenges that Dacia will go through, mainly because of the God of that Universe, better known to you and Youjo Senki fans as 'Being X', who influenced Dacia's Leadership to start such a Lost War, so we will give some help..." Said the person as some documents appeared in his hand and he placed it on the table.

"The Department will ensure that 'Being X' does not try to influence Dacia or anything like that in any way, however, if he wants to communicate with you to make a deal that you are interested in, we will not intervene, only if he tries to influence Dacia or try to manipulate you." Said the person while looking into Adam's eyes, who nodded quite happy with this situation.

Without having Dacia or the Leadership of the Country being influenced by God, Adam could focus on making the country develop more smoothly, in addition to reforming the Armed Forces so that they put aside the ideas of the Napoleonic War.

Besides, he could try to reach an agreement with the Empire to sign a Non-Aggression Pact, so they could focus on a certain country called Magna Rumeli, which was not yet explored in the Anime, but Adam was 90% sure it was the Ottoman Empire in Youjo Senki.

All those lands in the alternate version of the Balkans would be great for Dacia to use so they can fortify themselves, both to defend themselves against the Empire as well as the Communists of the Russy Federation.

"Thank you very much." Adam thanks him as a happy smile graces his "face".

"Well, I guess that's it, have a good Second Life and I hope you can make the most of it... Oh, I forgot, my name is John, it was nice to meet you" Said John as he snapped his fingers and Adam disappeared.

"Okay....it's almost time for lunch and after that...work even more...." John said to himself with a heavy sigh.

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