Reviews of You Might Die If I Cast My Healing Spell


You Might Die If I Cast My Healing Spell

Sweet Spring Showers

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bit too early to determine how things go, but looks good for now. other people also have ridiculous talents, doesn't appear to just be a one sided curbstomp. you get the idea. in short it doesn't really show off any flaws at this time.

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This is seriously good. The MC gets a fairly unique cheat, and he's smart enough to use it well. Also, his relationship(?) with his childhood friend is both realistic, and interesting to read about. All things considered, a top tier novel.


Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support


Basically the MC can also fly. I could explain but I kind of got lazy. Speaking of laziness, does this massage thing really work? There's always in the cinema how something that relaxes you doesn't seem to have much effect without medicine. Like a placebo. Going back to this MC is that he can cause a sleeping person to become more tense. Like a demonic villain where instead of relaxing each period of sleep only causes more pain, fatigue and discomfort.


not even 20 chapters and there's already a young master cliche wew not even 20 chapters and there's already a young master cliche wew not even 20 chapters and there's already a young master cliche wew not even 20 chapters and there's already a young master cliche wew


lots of cliches + endless luck + plot armor + illogical protagonist + formulaic characters + stupid enemies + endless repetition of the same plots = this novel. (English is not my native language)


Bro how is every book in the top so mid. The author is inconsistent I couldn’t even make it 4 chapters it’ so mid


This book is bad and I mean bad I thought it would be good and not much is written about healers but no this story was a trash story.


just binge read the whole thing. I love it and am very excited to read more. the story is smart and entertaining. the characters are well developed and fun to listen to. the story has good pacing from moment to moment, nothing jarring or disconnected. besides a couple grammar or sentence structure problems it's very well written. the world's creation is developed steadily throughout the chapters and I'm excited to learn more about the world in the future. the info dumps are minor and quick to read through which I really appreciate, they provide useful information in the moment and don't bog down the story with long history. I've enjoyed where the story is going so far and am looking forward to where it goes in the future! keep up the amazing work author! I will keep an eye out for new chapters.


If you’re a fan of slow paced levelling where the author is deliberately slowing his leveling then this is the novel for you. Because spoiler alert the mc is somehow still level 15 after 250 chapters and doesn’t bother levelling up even after being told that his entire planet is gonna be invaded by 8 different civilisation. The monologues are annoying and long winded, the author can spend 100 chapters to tell the same story he did in 250 but he’s milking the viewers as greedy webnovel authors usually do. There’s also a lot of useless info dumps and a dumb and plot armor childhoof GF that acts like an 8 year old child that’s being burdened by the MC as if he’s looking after a handicapped child. Basically the first 50 chapters where interesting but the author managed to somehow turn this novel into fillers slow pace where 1 day in the story is 3 months of waiting for the reader untill the chapters release


Fairly good. Might be shaping into a harem but I'll have to wait and see. There are some cliche bits but not too bad. The MC seems to have more depth to them than typical WebNovel standards. All in all I think this is worth a read to see if it fits your tastes. I'm planning to add it to my collection and will only drop it if it turns for the worse.


1.6M views and only around 35 reviews? Is the author deleting reviews or what? Oh well on this webnovel platform such thing is normal I guess


With the amount of inconsistencies that the author didn’t go back and fix to chapter 6 I had to drop this.. has an interesting idea but if a author that post the story doesn’t care about his work then why should I?


doesn’t feel original at all, pretty much copy and paste like other novels awaken OP talent, face little resistance, constant OP throughout story with no difference, low story development.


[img=update][img=recommend] A good start for the trial read. Not too fast amd not too slow pace of the story.………….


a lot of inconsistencies and plot holes that make no sense


I'm not sure why this novel is getting low reviews as the world and character develops in a very unique way despite the generic troupes. All characters including the side one(despite not having much screen time) are quite distinct and to the point even the Young master troupe is genuinely refreshing for me in the 3rd or 4th appearance. At least read the free chapters and you will immediately start seeing the uniqueness


Is there any book recommendations similar to this? I feel like the cheat is pretty unique and the MC is pretty smart which is just such a relief. If anyone has any please lmk!


Story has a good premise, but the writing needs some work. The transition (at least for the first good bit) is very rough, at times contradicting itself, or not making sense. The pacing is wildly inconsistent as well, which makes following along a bit difficult. Lots of unnecessary repetition and/or rewording of information, sometimes for entire chapters. Main character is supposed to be very smart, but does some really stupid things, such as throwing away all his advantages (stealth, range, first attack) to rule-of-cool the boss instead. If you can read though this (and ignore some bizarre world building choices) it looks like it could be fun.


story is alright inconsistent with spells were it clearly states a single target spell suddenly becomes an aoe spell doesn't tell you before he transmigrated so you know what he's been training kind of just skips all that an suddenly he's an expert also some chapters math maybe off in an obvious way but still story is decent