4 Chapter 4: That's How Shameless I Am

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Although Lin Ye was very excited, he didn't immediately attack the wolves.

He only sneaked near the rock where the White Wolf King lay. He used the dense trees to hide his body from its sight and secretly observed its movements.

Lin Ye was thinking of a more igneous way to attack them.

After all, invincibility could be the key to turning the game around. 

From the previous encounter, the wolves were smart enough to switch from using their skills to regular attacks. If they decided to use that method again, it could go South pretty fast. 

Even if the possibility of such an accident was very small, it did not mean it would not happen.

Lin Ye didn't dare to gamble with his life.

He would only make a move once he was a hundred percent sure of his victory.

Even a lion would use its full strength when hunting a rabbit. In the face of a level 5 Boss, what would a level 2 Priest do if not the same?

After a moment of observation, Lin Ye discovered the pattern.

They didn't stay around the White Wolf King all the time. Instead, they occasionally find a tree for a "release" like any ordinary animal would.

After these wolves finished their business, they sometimes would take a walk in the surrounding bushes like the three wild wolves he had encountered before.

Moreover, the wolves left quite frequently.

This gave Lin Ye the chance to break them one by one.

As long as there weren't too many wolves surrounding the White Wolf King, Lin Ye could take advantage of the Priest's long range to cast healing spells to kill his enemies while hiding around.

By the time the wolves with lower stats than Lin Ye caught up to him, the ordinary wolves were all dead. The White Wolf King was just a Boss, and it wouldn't be able to defeat Lin Ye with its army dwindling.

Not to mention, killing those wild wolves would give Lin Ye the experience to level up. The higher his level was, the higher his attributes would be, and the higher his chances would be to kill future Bosses as well.

So, Lin Ye patiently waited for the wolves to leave the pack.

Then, he stealthily follows behind them and uses his overpowered reverse healing to kill them one by one.

On the way back to the pack's den, he encountered more wolves preparing to leave. Needless to say, he would follow them and take care of them as well.

Just like that, the White Wolf King had fewer and fewer living subordinates, and Lin Ye's level kept increasing.

By the time the White Wolf King realized that his fellow wolves didn't come back and that something was wrong, Lin Ye had already leveled up to Level 4. 

His overall strength had increased a lot.

'Tsk. It seems like I've been discovered,'

'Well... Forget it. I've killed most of them anyway. Let's start this final battle!'

With that in mind, Lin Ye gave up on his hiding spot and walked out of the bushes. Then he used his Reversed Heal Spell on a stray wild wolf.

The White Wolf King, who was howling for the wolves to go home, froze for a moment before realizing the whole truth of the situation. It looked at Lin Ye angrily and let out a loud howl.


The remaining wild wolves in the area immediately pounced on Lin Ye, wanting to tear him into pieces.

'Ready, ready, turning back to dig!'

'Heal Spell!'


Lin Ye cast his spell as he retreated. The attack killed all the lower-level wild wolves. Then, he turned around and faced the aggressive White Wolf King.

This White Wolf Boss' agility was much higher than Lin Ye's, so running and wearing its energy down was useless. It was better to save his own stamina and use it to avoid the White Wolf King's regular attacks.

Although Instance Dungeon looks like a dungeon in a game, all of this was linked to reality, including all his skills and attributes. Every move would naturally be affected by reality.

The more physical energy he consumed, the slower his movements would be, and it would be more difficult to dodge the enemy's attacks.

On the other hand, if one could maintain their stamina as much as possible and concentrate all their energy on dodging, they could even avoid getting hit by the Boss' most basic attack.

But of course, Lin Ye didn't need to dodge.

The White Wolf King's main attacks were all damage-dealing skills. However, when the skills hit Lin Ye, it would rapidly recover his Hp. Due to his leveling up, his healing power was equivalent to three-four Priests healing Lin Ye simultaneously.

If the large wolf used regular attacks, it would reduce 10 Hp with one claw. It would need to hit him at least five times to catch up with the speed at which Lin Ye healed himself.

Lin Ye used his sandbag-sized fists to attack the White Wolf King like crazy during this time. He could exhaust the giant wolf to death before he was attacked to death...

'Yes, that's right!'

Lin Ye admits that he was just that shameless!

He would do any kind of trick to survive!

'If you're that powerful, why don't you use those skills to insta-kill me?'

As if it heard Lin Ye's thoughts, the White Wolf King used its skills to attack like crazy. It wanted to use its special moves to destroy Lin Ye, this damn land invader.

However, it didn't expect that the human in front of it not only didn't dodge its attack but took it head-on and even moaned in pleasure.

'F*ck! You damn perverted human!'

'I tore your face, bit through your shoulder, made you bleed, inflicted fear on you, yet you can still scream so coquettishly?' The wolf seemed to say from its raging expression.

It couldn't be helped. When the reversed damage skill hit him, it felt like a girl's soft hands were massaging him. It didn't hurt at all, and it was extremely comfortable.

Who would be able to contain their pleasure?

Then, the White Wolf King finally realized that something was wrong.

His claw strike skill, which could tear other creatures in half, had not even left a wound on this human.

On the contrary, every time the other party casts a spell, his Hp would drop 90 points.

It was strange!

This person was very strange!

Although the White Wolf King was only a low-level Instance Dungeon Boss, it still had some intelligence. It instinctively realized that it could no longer use its damage skills to attack the human.

It slowly realized that its damage skills were ineffective against that human!

'But what about normal attacks?'

Making up its mind, the White Wolf King tried to use its sharp claws to dig at Lin Ye's chest, but the human who stood still all this time suddenly started to dodge.

It was an outright miss!

The White Wolf King was speechless as it came to an understanding.

It understood that its skills were useless against this human. It had to use the simplest and most ordinary attacks to kill this human.

Unfortunately… It was useless to put it into practice now.

The White Wolf King's health bar had already dropped by half, entering the yellow zone, the "disabled state". All of its attributes had dropped by quite a bit, and its desire to attack was not as strong as when it had been in the green zone.

The damage it dealt couldn't compare to Lin Ye's healing speed.

Not to mention, Lin Ye was like a monkey, constantly moving and dodging left and right. He dodged one-third of the White Wolf King's regular attacks with that strange movement technique.

It only infuriated the large wolf the more moves Lin Ye managed to dodge.

And in the end, with the familiar sound of a system notification, the White Wolf King fell to the ground unwillingly and slowly closed its eyes.

[Prompt: You have killed the White Wolf King and received 2000 exp. Congratulations! You have leveled up to Level 5!]

[Prompt: Dungeon "Wolf's Forest" completed. Calculating rewards...]

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