1 Chapter 1: This Is A God-Level Talent, Right?

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"Students, today will be your first day to enter Instance Dungeon. All I can say to you is to not let your nerves get the best of you. After all, this is the lowest-level dungeon. If you do not make any mistakes, you will not lose your life..."

Lin Ye sits upright in his seat with his arms folded on the study desk. Unfamiliar and strange books such as "Assassin's Self-Cultivation", "Three Years Mage & 5 Years Forbidden Spell", "Knight's Swordsmanship Guide", and so on were strewn all over the table.

The teacher in front of the class continued to spout ridiculous and strange concepts.

But he was not surprised at all.

This was because he was a transmigrator.

This world he had woken himself into had been invaded by 'The Game' decades ago. The monsters in the game had gathered together and formed a demon tide that wreaked havoc on earth—destroying and attacking humans whenever they please. 

Fortunately, the game's appearance not only brought monsters into being but also the class system that gave humans a way to become stronger and defend themselves.

But only people at the age of sixteen and over were permitted to enter the Instance Dungeon. Because it is at this particular age people will awaken their in-game talent and be able to choose the job classes they want to be in, allowing them to bring them to reality.

However, the job class choices given were related to the person's awakened talent. 

If a person decided to choose their talent randomly…

It would be a waste of choice.

It was a great advantage, especially in finding the class that matched and complemented the person's talent. This way, it could achieve an additional combo…

As he was thinking about this, his cute deskmate, a girl with two ponytails and wearing a cartoon sweater, secretly elbowed Lin Ye.

"Hey, Lin Ye, you're about to choose your class, right? Have you thought about what to choose?" Su Mumu asked curiously, "Mage? Warrior? A Knight? Or maybe an assassin?"

"It's useless to think about it now," Lin Ye replied, "We'll only know what class is suitable for us after we awaken our initial talents."

She rolled her eyes, "You're no fun. It's not like we'll die from discussing it."


Lin Ye ignored her and turned his attention back to the teacher once again. He listened to the explanation and occasionally took notes as he eagerly waited for the moment to enter the dungeon.

Contrary to what he thought, the teacher didn't take long to finish his lecture. The older man led the students to the already opened entrance of the secret plane and directed them to enter in groups.

As they entered, they were accompanied by a dizzy feeling.

Lin Ye appeared in the dark void of the secret plane with a glowing ball in front of him. When one touched it, they would become an official "player" and awaken their initial talent.

As Lin Ye's eyes landed on the glowing orb, he didn't hesitate.

He reached out his hand onto the orb of light. It was as bright as the sun, which stung his eyes.

[Your identity as a Player has been awakened... You've obtained the initial talent 'Reverse Universe'!]

[Reverse Universe (Level 1): Reverse and strengthen yourself and all skills used on you. You can freely choose to activate and deactivate them at will. If you reach the advanced level, you can even change the essence of the skill!]

[Current Conversion Effect: Healing becomes health reduction, health reduction becomes healing, the gain becomes debuff, debuff becomes gain, applicable to both friend and foe!]

[Current Enhancement Effect: mana cost reduced by 10%!]

[Upgrade Condition: Personal level to 10.]

As the words sunk into his head, the first thing that came to mind was, 'F*ck!'

'Reverse Universe!'

'A skill that reverses all effects used on the user. A skill that I can activate and deactivate whenever I want!'

'Wait… Doesn't this mean once I reverse the enemy's damage skill, it will become a healing skill that can restore my health? Then that means… they will never be able to kill me!'

'Am I… Invincible?'

The more he thought about it, the more excited Lin Ye that he couldn't help but blurt out, "This should be considered a divine level talent, right?"


Then he paused.

Lin Ye calmed himself down again.

Even though the reversal effect of his talent was overpowered and could turn all the enemy's damage skills into healing skills…

It would only work if he could grasp the trick.

This talent is helpful to job classes like the Fighter and the Priest class to attack and heal at the same time.

However, if someone decided to use a normal attack on him, it might even kill him since it's not an actual skill.

Which means, strictly speaking, this talent was not truly invincible.

It still had a fatal loophole.

Then… The only way for him to eliminate this dangerous possibility, Lin Ye had to hide the existence of his talent and its effect. Therefore, minimizing the chance of anybody learning and exposing his weakness.


'I'll think more about this later. Now, I'll choose a class first!' He thought.

Lin Ye turned his gaze to the dazzling array of classes that appeared before him.

[Swordsman: A melee class with agility as its main attribute. When wielding a sword in battle, it will increase the user's combat instincts. It can also learn impressive sword skills and could transform the user into lightning when traveling through the battlefield.]

[Martial Artist: A close-combat class with strength as its main attribute. It will increase the user's combat instincts when fighting bare-handed. It allows the user to learn domineering martial arts skills and become a shield to protect the entire team.]

[Magician: A long-range class with spirit as its main attribute. It gives the user an affinity to various elemental powers to attack and can cause large-scale damage.]

[Priest: An auxiliary class with intelligence as its main attribute. It allows the user to control the power of life, heal injuries for others, and purify filth.]

[Knight: A well-trained martial master with strength as its main attribute...]

Lin Ye continued to pace around the black room, checking and reading the various classes displayed.

Then he immediately made his decision.

The Universe Reversal talent, coupled with a priest's support ability, would be a terrifying combination!


Although the attack damage inflicted by a Priest is not as high as a Magician or a Warrior, once he reversed the healing skills into damage skills, the same amount of attack power would far exceed the skills of other classes of the same level, which could cause tremendous damage.

Not only that, due to the nature of the Priest class, no amount of defense or armor would be able to stop the newly converted poison from hurting the opponent.

And it also would give additional negative effects on the target...

Initially, he could heal an injured person and remove all kinds of negative status effects. Now, his "toxic healing" skill can seriously injure a person to the point of near death and would inflict them with all kinds of damaging statuses. 

It could make them bleed, burn, paralyze, hallucinate, block any healing, and so on.

He could easily kill someone with a single word like a curse!

In mid-game, an intermediate skill could heal a large area, which could be compared to a forbidden spell in the late game, and it could deal devastating AOE true damage!

True damage, explosive damage, all sorts of debuffs, AOE attacks, healing, and so on!

Who would be able to withstand it?

And the most important advantage…

A Priest could learn both magic and physical attacks, pure flesh and blood, or pure buff and support type skills at the same time.

Even if Lin Ye could deal devastating damage in front of everyone, he could hide behind the "magic attack half damage" excuse to cover his abnormal damage value.

It would be a perfect cover-up for his talent!


Once this talent is activated, not only would it reverse active skills, but it would also reverse passive skills.

The passive skills that could increase Lin Ye's attributes would immediately betray Lin Ye and stab him in the back with its newly turned passive negative benefits.

But even so… Lin Ye wanted to use this talent fully.

If so, then he would have to bid his passive skills goodbye somewhere in the future someday.

And, of course, he would also have to kiss the idea of having teammates goodbye.

If he were to be in the middle of a fight and his teammate suddenly used a skill to heal him, his talent would reverse it into a damage value, causing his health bar to drop drastically...

'But then again, he wouldn't be able to say anything about his talent by then, would he?'


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