You Can’t Buy My Love

Mariela "Ella" Alvamiza, an eighteen-year-old first-year college student. She was saddened when she found her things scattered in the hallway of their building. She couldn't pay her friend the share of the rent since she sent the money to her mother. Archer Lopez came from wealthy family. He has no choice but to leave his penthouse when his dad banned him from entering unless he will come home to their mansion. He needed a roommate to share the cost of his newfound place since his beloved parents had frozen all his accounts. Mariela needed a place to stay, and she felt so happy when she found a pamphlet made from scratch paper that someone needed a roommate, and to her dismay, he was a guy, and no other than the renowned handsome and hot playboy of Nagazville University. Excerpt: "Here is the deal. I will allow you to pay 1/4 of the rent, but you have to do the laundry, the cleaning; and cook our meal; if not, you need to pay half of the rent, and one more thing, you can't fall in love with me." Archer said with confidence. "Excuse me, who said I am sharing a room with you and become your maid? How much more to fall in love with someone conceited and self-centered like you? Do you think everyone will like you because of your pretty face? I am sorry to disappoint you, but not everyone at the University is stupid." Mariela snapped at him, and he was shocked because it was the first time a girl showed disinterest in him. Mariela was broke, and she ended up living with Archer, and she found herself entangled with the most popular guy in her university. And when Ella found out that Archer was more than just a pretty face, and she gets to know the real him, she couldn’t stop herself from falling in love with him. One day Archer was compelled to ask Mariela to come home with him to their estate to pretend as his girlfriend as a protest to his parents for manipulating his life. Archer's parents asked him to dump Ella right away after he introduced her to them because they are against their relationship since she doesn’t belong to their world, and that is the time he realized his feelings for her started to get real. He couldn't stop himself from loving his beautiful roommate even if he knew she was way out of his league. Does Archer’s love for Mariela strong enough to stand up against his parents even if it means losing everything he has, including his inheritance? Can Mariela choose love over money the moment she realizes her younger sister's life is at stake and she is the only one who can save her? Warning: Have mature content in the later part of the story.

sirenbeauty · Teen
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155 Chs

Quit Playing With My Heart

Mariela's POV

"Where is Archer?" Aunt Tamara asked her son since I didn't dare to ask Kent about his conversation with my husband.

"He is gone, but I am sure he will be back tomorrow, and I want you to take part in our act, mom," Kent responded as he looked at his mother, and I could see the confused look on his mother's face.

"What act, Kent?" Aunt Tamara asked.

"I told Archer I want to have Ella in my life, and I will help her file a divorce. I wanted Archer to open his mind and accept that he is still in love with Mariela. And you should congratulate me, mom; my plan worked, and right now, he wanted to bring back Ella to their mansion, but I told him he needed to earn it because what he had done to Mariela was beyond crazy." He responded to his mom.