12 Only Girl

Archer's POV

Now I get why so many people were engrossed with their social media accounts, and I could tell there are so many things that can make you laugh and smile. No wonder my sister loved opening my account since she found it so interesting reading the messages of those girls, it was fun, and some messages are hilarious.

And now that I wanted to manage my account, I changed some of the details on my profile, and I updated my phone number and email address, and the next thing I did, I changed my password. I smiled as I realized Andrea could no longer open my account anymore.

I still couldn't believe Ella left me, and after I posted on my account, my eyes widened when I saw lots of students comment on my posts, and I realized most of them were girls. I was curious about their comments, and while I was eating the food Mariela cooked for me, I read each comment and message. And some girls are informative, and they send me a private message telling me Ella's class schedule and room number, and I couldn't be happier.

And for the first time, I responded to some strangers, saying my thanks to them, and I received so many hearts and smiley emojis in response. My forehead furrowed when I saw a few men send me private messages, and one of them was someone I knew from the basketball team. The other one is from the football team, and I suddenly felt curious, and I couldn't deny I suddenly felt nervous since I know Cody is single while I know Carl is dating one of the cheerleaders, and we are in the same year.

"Archer, Ella, and I used to be living in the same building. Is she okay?" Cody asked, and I could feel

his concern.

"She is now my new roommate," I responded, and it took him a long while to respond.

"Ah, okay, please take care of Ella; she is a good person, Archer. Please don't date her." He responded, and it feels like in his message, I am not suitable to date Ella.

"Hi, Archer, Ella is my tutor; I saw her a while ago at the library," Carl said in his message.

"Thank you, Carl," I typed and sent, and then I got up and washed the dishes, and I took a quick shower and got dressed quickly, and I know I couldn't make it on her first period, but I am sure I will see Mariela on her second class schedule.

"What's up, lover boy!" My cousin greeted me the moment I met him at the parking lot, and we both ran towards our first period in the morning, and I know this is always our routine every morning running on the school grounds while I could hear girls calling my name.

"Did you find out her class schedule?" Kent asked, and I nodded my head, and we stopped running the moment we reached the stairs.

"Yup, and thank you so much for your brilliant idea, Kent; I could tell even if she is not popular, there are some guys from the varsity department who knew Ella," I responded, and I saw the smile on his face.

"And you are jealous?" He asked, and I laughed.

"I am not jealous, okay? I couldn't believe that some football and basketball players would know her." I replied.

"Why? Isn't she beautiful?" He asked, and I nodded my head.

"I know she is beautiful, but I could tell those boys will never pay attention to her since," I trailed off, and he stopped walking, and he faced me.

"Wow! You are so stressed about her, and it is not a question; you are crazy about Ella. Why do you care if they knew her, Archer? You just met her, and you couldn't stop from talking about her." He stated.

"No, I am not stressed; I am just curious, that is all," I responded.

"Come on, Archer, once you started to feel curious about a girl, it will always lead to something, and I am glad." He said, and then he tapped my shoulder, and he walked ahead of me towards our room, and I felt so glad we still had minutes to spare. Our female classmates looked at me differently, and I wondered what was wrong with them.

"Archer, I am just curious, is it true you already have a girlfriend?" The lady sitting at the front near the aisle asked me before I could walk towards my assigned seat, and I smiled at her, and I could see how her face blushed when I stopped in front of her.

"What is your name?" I asked.

"Ro- Rose," She stuttered while her face turned so red.

"I am sorry, Rose, but I prefer to keep my love life private," I said, and I smiled at her before I strode towards my seat, and my cousin was beaming at me.

"Wow! I wonder how they are going to react once you got yourself a girlfriend." He declared, and I was shaking my head.

"Ha! I didn't even have a girlfriend when I had all the money I could spend. Do you think it is ideal to have a girlfriend now when I am so broke?" I asked my cousin, and he only chuckled.

"Do you realize this is the time you should use

your charm and I think having a girlfriend would be a good idea, you can ask them to pay the rent for you, and I am sure those girls are willing to spend their penny on you." He said, and I couldn't believe he would tell me something like this, and before I could say to him what was on my mind, our professor had already got inside our classroom, and we didn't have a choice but to stop talking.

I know my cousin's opinion is tempting, but there is no way I will use those girls. I wanted to stand on my own and show my parents I could live without their support, and I wondered why I couldn't stop myself from thinking about Ella even if I tried to concentrate harder, and maybe it was because I needed her as my roommate.

When our class was over, I stood up immediately, and I said goodbye to my cousin since we had different subjects for our next class. And I had a thirty-minute break before my second subject of the day, and I was running towards Ella's classroom; I felt so glad we had the same floor, and I wondered why I didn't see her before.

Girls met me immediately, and they circled me around; and I was searching the room for Mariela, but I couldn't find her, and I couldn't believe these girls. I only wanted to see and speak with Ella, but the girls kept asking me questions. I felt so relieved when I saw her get inside the classroom, and even if she was wearing baggy pants and a loose t-shirt, I could see how beautiful she was, but I felt a pang on my chest when I saw the horror that registered on her face when she saw me.

And the worst part was she ran away from me, and I excused myself from the girls, and I ran as fast as I could, and I felt so glad I was able to catch up with her near the stairs.

"Mariela, please, stop," I pleaded as I held her wrist, and I spun her around.

"What do you want, Archer?" She asked in a stern tone, and I could see students were looking at us.

"I wanted to speak with you," I begged.

"In one condition, please remove your post on your social media account; how dare you post something like that?" She asked, and I smiled as I realized she is a feisty one, even if she is broke like me, well, at least she has that, and I became more interested in making her my roommate.

"Okay, I well," I responded.

"I only have time during lunch, Archer, so please, if you will excuse me." She said, and the girls who were listening to our conversation gasped.

"Please, switch on your phone, Ella," I yelled, and she nodded her head, and I was smiling as I looked at her walking away from me going back to her room.

"I have all the time for you, Archer, and we can leave now if you want." One of the girls said, and she winked at me, and some say they also have time for me.

"I am sorry, girls, I've got class to attend to," I said, and I descended the stairs two at a time. I felt so excited about seeing Ella during lunchtime, and I fished out my phone while I walked towards my next class, and I sent her a quick message where I could meet her? And I smiled when I heard my phone ding.

"At exactly 12.15 p.m. at the library," She texted back, and I couldn't believe this girl would still be in the library, even during lunch. I shook my head while I texted her okay.

It felt like I didn't recognize myself anymore; I couldn't stop looking at my watch as our professor discussed our lesson; I was looking forward to meeting her again.

"What are you doing to me, Mariela Alvamiza?" I mumbled to myself.

I arrived in the library at exactly noon, and I was standing near the entrance, and I could see girls waving in my direction from time to time. And I waved them back, and I could hear how they giggled, and I suddenly felt nervous when I saw Ella running towards the library with books in her hands.

I smiled as I realized she was the busiest student all over Nagazville University. I was hoping I could convince her to go back to my place tonight because she is the only girl who passed the qualifications of becoming my roommate.

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