16 Number One Enemy

Mariela's POV

I couldn't stop myself from smiling, thinking Archer waited for me at the bus stop, and I knew it meant nothing to him. He only wanted to make sure I would go back to his place, and I reprimanded myself for being thrilled about something I knew was impossible to happen. I showered so fast because I needed to finish some reports due tomorrow, and I had another one I needed to submit the following week.

Ever since I started studying college, I have made sure I make all my reports and assignments ready, I hate cramming, so I usually do my reports in advance. I can't risk losing my scholarship, and I know this is the only way to take care of my sister, I asked her to hold on, and everything will be okay. And I stopped thinking about Angela, or else I will end up crying.

After taking a warm bath, I felt so relaxed, and I got out of the shower, and I tried my best not to turn my head at Archer's bed. Still, I couldn't stop myself, and I darted a glance in his direction, and I smiled when I realized he wasn't looking at me at all. I thought maybe he wanted to give me some privacy, or he felt so tired today, and I needed to mind my own business, so I averted my gaze, and I made my way to my study table, and I got my notes and pen from my bag.

I couldn't deny I felt distracted by Archer's presence, but I am sure I will get used to him. And the moment I started making my reports, I had forgotten I was living with the most attractive guy on campus, and those girls who commented on his wall were damn right. I am such a lucky girl, and even until now, it feels surreal he became my roommate, and I wanted to enjoy every moment I have with him.

I didn't realize I dozed off when I felt a feather-light touch on my face, and I suddenly raised my head, and I found Archer standing so near to me, and he looked so horrified, and I don't know if he considers me ugly, but I hated it, why he couldn't look at me with tenderness.

"I am sorry, Ella, I am on my way to wake you up, I have been calling your name, but you didn't wake up, and I think you fell asleep a while ago, and I was worried if you still need to study your lesson." He said, looking at me with a solemn expression on his face, and I smiled at him, and I hated myself for feeling so disappointed that he didn't caress my face; he was only trying to wake me up.

"Thank you, Archer, I think I will call it a night, and I will continue to answer tomorrow morning," I said.

"Good choice, Ella," He said as he gave me one of his sweetest smiles, and I had to control my heart from feeling so affected by him; I know I will only get hurt in the end because there is no way he will reciprocate my feelings, and being broken-hearted is not part of my plan.

I needed to focus on my studies, and I couldn't allow myself to get crazy over a guy. I know Archer only wanted me to be his roommate, and I should bear it in my mind the only reason he wanted to have me as his roommate was because I didn't feel anything towards him, and I had to fulfill our bargain or else I will end up sleeping on the street.

"Do you want some milk?" He asked, and I quickly got up from my seat.

"Please, allow me to serve you, that is all I can do for you as of the moment, but I promised you, Archer, if I will receive enough tip, I promised to share some amount," I said as I made my way to our tiny kitchen. I pulled out a high ball glass from the cupboard, and he looked at me with fascination on his face.

"Hey, you don't need to do that, Ella, I am good, and I already told you my conditions, this coming weekend I hope you will start your lesson 101, and you will teach me the basic household chores, like washing the clothes, and cooking." He said, and I smiled at him.

"Sure, but would it be alright with you if we are going to do it early morning? You can sleep after I teach you because I need to work on weekends, Archer." I responded, and he smiled at me.

"I can be an early riser if I want to; I used to wake up early when I was still in high school," He muttered.

"Are you a quarterback?" I asked, and his face lit up.

"How did you know I played football in High School? Did you spy on me, Mariela?" He asked, but I could tell by the way he smiled at me he was only joking.

"Of course not, Archer, I have never spied on anyone, I could only tell because of your physique; I could say you are an athlete, you are in good shape, I guess, and for your information, I didn't even know you existed if not because of my best friend," I said as I handed him his milk.

"Thank you, Ella." He said, and I needed to pretend I was looking for something on the cabinet because I couldn't stop myself from looking at his handsome face.

"I am glad to know there is one girl who didn't recognize me at Nagazville University, and I know you were telling me the truth because you were the only girl who ran away from me because most girls will always come after me." He said, and I could feel the rapid beating of my heart as he walked closer to me, and I almost pushed him away when I realized he was going to the sink to wash his glass, and I felt so ashamed of myself.

"Are you blushing, Ella?" He asked.

"No, and why do you even ask?" I inquired as I tried my best to control the blush on my face.

"Your face is bright red." He stated without mockery, and I could tell he was only stating a fact, and he was right. I was blushing because I thought he would come to me.

"Maybe because I felt embarrassed that I don't know you," I responded since there was no sensible answer I could find.

"You don't need to feel ashamed about it, Ella, you should be proud of yourself, and I wanted to give you an award." He said after he dried his glass with a dry cloth, and I couldn't stop

smiling as I washed my glass. He went to the bathroom, and I could tell he was brushing his teeth.

"Good night, Ella," Archer said after switching off the light.

"Good night, Archer," I responded.

I felt glad I had a straight sleep, and I quickly turned off my alarm clock when it started buzzing, and I was shocked when I found him in the kitchen.

"What are you doing?" I asked, confused.

"I was thinking why not start my training every morning starting today, tell me what to do, and I will do it," He said, and I looked at him for a long time since I couldn't believe he was so desperate to learn.

"You have money; why do you even bother to learn about cooking?" I asked, and I saw his face fall, but he quickly masked the expression on his face.

"I want those girls to know I am just more than a pretty face, Ella." He said, and I chuckled.

"Archer, those girls are willing to do everything for you, and I don't think they care about the fact you know household chores or not," I stated while I was still smiling.

"How about you, Ella? Are you willing to do everything for me too?" He asked, and his intense gaze made my knees feel so weak.

"In your dreams, Archer," I said right away, feeling so mad, and I am not angry with him but with myself.

"I am sorry, Mariela; I know you are different from them, so please don't be angry, okay?" He asked, and I instructed him what to do without answering him.

He sliced the onions and tomatoes, and he cut the spring onions. I asked him to peel the cucumber while I got eggs from the fridge, and I was shocked with Archer's determination to learn, and I wondered why he bought so many ingredients on his refrigerator when he didn't know how to cook.

And I could tell he was confident of finding a roommate who could really help him, and now I understand his main reason for looking for a female roommate. We ate breakfast together, and he felt so proud that he made a Ceasar salad, toasted bread with butter, and an egg omelet.

"Wow! I never knew it would be this satisfying to eat the food you prepare, and I could tell I wanted to learn more, Ella." He said as he smiled at me after we ate our meal.

"Don't worry, Archer, I will teach you more menus; I have learned a lot of recipes from the restaurant," I answered, and he was beaming at me, and I could see the excitement all over his face.

"Thank you so much, Ella." He said as he stood up, and I smiled at him as I helped him clear the table.

And I couldn't stop my heart from feeling so excited for the coming days, and spending more time with Archer would be more complicated than I thought because I know my heart is my number one enemy. Still, I wanted to help him, and I know deep inside me I could tell I wanted to spend more time with him, and I am looking forward to knowing him more.

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