76 I Am Fine

Archer's POV

I wanted to stay longer, but I couldn't take it anymore. Ella looked at Jerry with too much affection, and I couldn't stop being so angry with her. But Mariela Alvamiza is a good actress, and I am sure she is faking it; to make it more realistic. I am certain she is waiting for an opportunity to rob money from Jerry.

I got up from my seat, and I walked away from the restaurant in a hurry. I couldn't deny I was hurting, and I hated myself for remembering everything, including the sweet moments I had with Ella.

I had to control my emotions taking over my sanity before I lost control; I drove away from the restaurant without knowing where to go. I didn't want to get back to my hotel yet, it was still early, and I drove toward the Carzavilla Park. I got out of my car and strode towards the playground. And I couldn't stop thinking Mariela broke up with me at Nagazville park.


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