24 Go Shopping

Mariela's POV

I was silent the entire ride going back to our place, I experienced my first kiss, and I should be happy about it because it was Archer who kissed me, but how could I be happy knowing he only did it to make me get ready in meeting his family? As if dealing with his fans at school wasn't hard enough, and I wonder what would happen the moment I faced his entire family.

Archer already warned me we would face a storm, and I know his parents will get angry with him since they are having financial problems. He didn't plan to help his parents because he was mad at them for asking him to be with Claudia against his will, and cutting his allowance worsened the situation. And I am aware he will piss them off by bringing me home with him.

"Are you okay, Ella?" Archer whispered in my ear, and we were the only passengers left of the bus because most of the passengers got off already from the previous bus stop.


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