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You are my love

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Akino Toshio, I'm in the 4th grade of high school, I study with my best friend and boyfriend, Kayden Yoshiko, we have been friends since elementary school, and our relationship has been stronger than a family relationship, he is very special to me and I do not want him to leave me we are dating since the 3rd grade of high school, we have agreed to tell our families, but we do not know how, but I do not know how they will take that news. But whatever happens, I won't leave Yoshiko alone, even though I don't want her to get away from me because I love him. I never told her that she loved him but one day I will and it will be earlier than expected since her birthday is in three months and I will give her a big surprise. Since he did everything for me and helped me study and my homework and treated me like a normal person, but very special for him. Kayden Yoshiko, when I was in 3rd grade (in middle school, I told Toshio that I loved him and asked him if he wanted to be my boyfriend, apparently he accepted me, we were very close since elementary school, my birthday is coming and I just want to spend it with him. We have talked about telling our parents about our relationship but first, we should think about how to tell them since we don't want them to take it the wrong way. But the only thing I don't want them to do is to take my Toshio away from me.