54 Hesitation

After she left the studio, Song Xing Xing sat at the bus stop and started to look for gossip about Lu Xun in the past.

It was true that Lu Xun was involved in several gossips with a few celebrities and heiress. Each time, the gossips would die after an hour. It was not hard for her to guess that everything was Lu Xun's works.

He did not like to be involved with such rumors and had spent some money to kill those rumors.

Song Xing Xing seemed to remember the last time she had heard gossip about Lu Xun with that actress, Feng Miao Miao. In the end, that rumor died out and no one knew what happened to that person.

Initially, she was prepared to go full throttle but now she was starting to doubt herself.

What if he was uncomfortable with her advance and later decided to block her instead? Then, what was she supposed to do?

Suddenly, Song Xing Xing thought that liking someone can be hard as well.

This is the first time that she had liked someone and she already had to taste what it felt like to be heartbroken.

After walking around for a while, Song Xing Xing ended up at her cousin's place.

Han Yue Xiu saw the girl stood at the door and quickly invited her in. "Are you looking for Song Yi?"

"Is he at home?"

"He had a business meal and would not return for while."

Song Xing Xing stretched her neck to look around. "What about Xiao Jun?"

"He's sleeping. Come on in," Han Yue Xiu said. She stepped aside to let the girl in. "Have you eaten?"

Song Xing Xing shook her head.

"Then, I will prepare something for you to eat. How about fried rice?"

"Sister-in-law, I'm not picky. I can eat anything," Song Xing Xing said. "Actually, can I stay here tonight?"

"Do you still need to ask?" Han Yue Xiu smiled. "You know that you are welcome to stay anytime you want." She looked at the girl in front of her and noticed that her face was not as bright as it used to be? "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Song Xing Xing pouted. "I was just trying to avoid meeting someone troublesome." She thought about running into Bai Zhi earlier that day and her mood plummeted.

Song Xing Xing had a hunch that Bai Zhi would be waiting for her at her apartment. The last time, Bai Zhi was willing to wait for her the whole night. This time, Song Xing Xing did not know how long that woman was willing to wait for her. She was too lazy to deal with Bai Zhi. It would be best to ignore her avoid her when she can.

Han Yue Xiu stretched her hand to pinch the girl on both cheeks, forcing her to smile "You don't look too well. Are you in a bad mood?"

Song Xing Xing hesitated before she spoke again. "Sister-in-law, I will tell you something, but you have to promise that you will not tell my cousin."

Han Yue Xiu nodded. "As long as it is not anything serious like the last time, I will not tell your cousin anything," She grabbed the girl's wrist and pulled her towards the kitchen. "I'll cook and you tell me what is going on."

Song Xing Xing sat at the bar counter and watched as Han Yue Xiu cracked an egg into a bowl and beat it with a pair of chopsticks. After keeping her silent for a long time, Song Xing Xing spoke again. "Sister-in-law, it seemed that I like someone."

Han Yue Xiu's movement at beating the egg paused. Her eyes sparkled with interest. Through her husband, Han Yue Xiu had heard that this girl had never been in a relationship before. "Who is it? Is it someone I know?"

"Let's keep his identity a secret for now. Anyway, I still didn't know whether he liked me."

Han Yue Xiu continued her step where she had left off. "Is that why you're in a bad mood? Because you don't know whether he liked you? Have you try talking to him?"

Song Xing Xing heaved a long, heavy sigh. "I was going to pursue him, but today, I heard that he is someone who disliked someone who takes the initiative. I don't think that I have any hope." She did not dare to mention that there was a rumor that the man did not like women.

Han Yue Xiu thought about the last time that Song Yi had pursued her. "I'm not the suitable person to give any advice. You know my story with your cousin. Back then, I rejected him many times."

"That's true. My cousin chased you over to S Country. I heard that he was preparing to migrate and follow you." Song Xing Xing sat up straight again. "in the end, what was the reason you agreed to date my cousin?"

"Hmm… Previously, it was his forceful attitude that makes me hated him. He was so persistent and I found myself unable to breathe with him around," Han Yue Xiu said. "In the end, it was because he had worked hard to match my pace. He was still very persistent, but he was very patient too. I thought that he would be too pitiful if I didn't give him a chance."

Song Xing Xing slumped into her seat again as she watched Han Yue Xiu prepare the fried rice.

She was not someone forceful like her cousin, Song Yi. If a person said that he did not like her, Song Xing Xing did not have the courage to go all the way and fight. Once the person she liked rejected her, perhaps she would give up immediately.

Should she just try her luck? Then… if she was really rejected, should she give up on the person she liked?

She did not think that she would be able to endure the rejection.

Just thinking about the possibility that she might get rejected made her feel down.

Heartbreak is no joke.

Previously, she was still hopeful that she could make the man notice her. And once she was sure that he liked her a little bit, she was going to confess!

But after hearing those rumors, Song Xing Xing was not too hopeful any more. She began to hesitate.

Those girls who pursued Lu Xun were prettier and sexier while she was just a small potato.

Song Xing Xing looked up when a plate of fried rice appeared in front of her.

"Actually, every love story is different. Everyone in this world is also different. They had their own preferences and such," Han Yue Xiu spoke. "Just because that person had rejected others before, it doesn't mean that you are going to face the same fate. Perhaps, he will find that you are his type and he's shared the same feelings with you as well? Perhaps he would find that you are more compatible with him?"

Song Xing Xing's eyes brightened as she heard those words.

"What's important is that you should not give up before you give it a try. If you're giving up before you try then you are truly hopeless."

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