5 Chapter 05

Damien's POV

Since when has he changed?

I'm not sure...

At first, I didn't take notice of his actions because I know behind every action he does is just a way to gain my attention.

Noir is a man with a black heart.

To get married to me he dared to jump on my bed when I was vulnerable.

I loathe his very existence.

Which is why... Everything involving him must be his fault.

His actions became unruly and he dared to involve other people. Including a great talent like Lennox.

Due to his inferiority complex, he hurt another person.

I loathe him even more now.

"I heard you're causing drama again. Stop pretending to lose your memory from a simple slip if you don't want me to force a divorce on you! You weren't even injured yet you have the nerve to pretend to be sick. If you don't want to be kicked out of here, stop making a scene."

I didn't mean to sound very harsh but I couldn't even apologize.

He just looked back at me as if he was horrified when I was the one who was supposed to be horrified of him.

"When he calls, ignore him. He might vent his anger on all of you." I ordered my employees.

As I had expected, just a few minutes after shouting at him, he was already screaming for the servants.

He made a commotion and an ambulance started rushing to the mansion so I decided to face them.

"He is doing this to make a fuss, I'm sorry for wasting your time," I said, turning them away.

I was enraged that I decided to go upstairs to reprimand him.

But... What I saw wasn't what I expected.

He was struggling on the floor gasping for air.

He is a man who had no talent so he couldn't be acting.

"Save me..." He whimpered.

I was brought back by reality and my instincts kicked in.

I still remember the fear I felt when I carried him in my arms and he wasn't breathing.

I was lucky that the hospital is only a few blocks away from the mansion. If it weren't, I would've regretted it for the rest of my life.

I left him in the hospital when he stabilized.

I figured he would come for me soon to throw a tantrum and guilt me for almost letting him die.

I mentally prepared myself for his revenge but he didn't even bother to see me for a week.

Under normal circumstances, he would've thrown a fit and started harassing people near me.

But... Lately, I took notice of his changes.

It was as if he was a different person.

He doesn't follow me around anymore and I could work on peace.

For some reason, the quietness bothered me.

Just as when I was hopeful that I have finally got rid of the thorn in my side, I saw him again.

"Boss, Isn't that your spouse looking at you?" Eshan asked.

I looked in his direction and saw him looking at me.

When our eyes met, my heart hurt as if I was stabbed.

I just frowned and ignored him.

He would eventually come to mess up this dinner anyway.

But... My expectation failed me again.

He ate very fast and immediately went outside.

I watched him shiver in the cold for hours while calling someone.

He was even smiling and bowing when there is no one in front of him. Somehow, I found it amusing.

My team decided to go to Karaoke and I agreed to treat them.

We went outside and Eshan decided to greet Noir.

They are talking as if they knew each other for a long time.

I've never seen him smile like that before...

For some reason, I don't like it at all.

"I'm sorry, I'm Claustrophobic and I don't want to inconvenience you," Noir said with a shy smile.

I didn't even know that he was Claustrophobic.

"Then, how about your ride in my car?" Eshan suggested.

I frowned at him but he was as clueless as he can be.

"I'll drive him home." I said.

Even when we were in the car, he didn't say anything about the hospital or himself.

Rather... He was very uncomfortable as if being next to me is suffocating to him.

We got home pretty fast and I was already annoyed because of how indifferent he was acting in front of me.

"Aren't you getting tired?"

"Seriously? Do you have to follow me everywhere? Aren't you getting tired?"

"Wasn't one night enough for you? Didn't you tell me last time that one night with you would be enough to keep you away from me? Why do you keep acting like a bug buzzing everywhere you weren't supposed to be?"

One night with him was like hell for me.

It brought pleasure but my disgust for him remained.

It was hell


I was hoping that his nasty personality would tell me that one night wasn't enough for him.

That he would want me in his bed again.

This time... If he makes a move, I won't reject his advances.

But instead of what I had in mind... His reaction is telling me the opposite.

He looked at me as if he was very scared. His whole body is trembling and he was holding his breath.

What the hell is wrong with him...

"What should I do to keep you away from me? Don't you have any self-respect?! Why do you keep making a scene when I compromised with you?"

Come on. Tell me that one night isn't enough. Throw yourself to me again and this time I won't reject you.

"Divorce... I- I'll sign the divorce paper so please get away from me!" He exclaimed as he pushed me away.

I was taken aback by how he reacted but I cannot bring myself to ask him.

"Suit yourself." I said and left him alone trembling on the corner.

I know that he only brought up the divorce because he cannot escape me but everyone knows how obsessed he is.

He would never sign the divorce paper and he will beg me to let him stay.

But once again... My expectations failed me.

"Master, Sir Noir left the mansion and this is the signed divorce paper," Lester reported.

Why is he doing this?

Is he thinking that this is the only way to gain my attention?

Is this his last resort to make me look at him?

"What should we do master?" Lester asked.

"Let him be, he would come crawling back to me in a few days anyway." I replied.

When I was left alone, I tore the divorce paper and burned it until it turned into ashes.

I know he would never leave me.

He is obsessed with me.

He would never leave me.

Once again, I was disappointed.

He never came back for the whole week and he didn't even message me.

There wasn't even a report on the black card I gave him.

How the hell is he living all these days?

While I was suffering here with constant headaches is he smiling in another man's arm?!

Is he smiling like how he's smiling to Eshan?

Why is he not finding me yet?!

When I thought the day would be over and I would have to wait another day...

His brother barged into my office.

I knew he still couldn't leave me.

He must've sent his brother here to beg me to take him back.

"Master... Sir Nine Valerian is here." Lester reported.

"Let him in." I replied.

I waited for him to enter the door and tell me to take his brother back but I was wrong again.

Instead of asking me to take him back, I was showered with documents.


His word sent shivers down my spine, I wasn't sure if I heard it right but the documents in front of me tell me that I heard right.

"How could he be pregnant... He is a male..."



I was so mad because I can't come up with an answer. Although we've been married for 4 years, it seems there's nothing about him that I know.

I felt pathetic.

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