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You're Courting Death!


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Co-Posted on Scribblehub under the same name. Crappy Synopsis Below..... It was a bright sunny day when it happened..... When Yun Xie arrived in that other world. A world of flying cultivators and ancient ruins. A world, unlike any other... The one where the Dark Crow flew across the Nine Realms, and that one filled with more young masters than you could count. Where cliche tropes were a new reality, and no one had a inch of common sense or logic. Good thing he brought with him some overpowered (Albeit a bit cringy) cheats. It would be good fun. Some parts are sort of copy and paste, I really can't do much about it because I want the MC to be part of the main storyline, as that is fun..... If you wanna get to the actual story, go to volume 2. Update: When I feel like it.... Disclaimer: For the most part, many of the characters and such don't belong to me, besides OC''s and such. I can't write these types of stories...... A haven for Plot Holes......