1 Prologue

Alexander Bauer is better known as Garrett Smith is a veteran that served two countries even if he wasn't proud of what Germany did but he fought with everything he had to defend his home and joined later America under his actual name.

He was a man that was born for war and nothing else as he survived shit that most people wouldn't dream of and returned home always with some scratches. He never married because he didn't want his loved ones to fear for him the whole time while he was on a tour.

In the end, he ended up in Japan as he began to love the mangas and animes since they could take his mind of the things he did in the wars he participated in.

"Old Man, I brought you the last released chapter of One Piece, some old Dragonball books, and the last chapter of Naruto. I mixed some other mangas that you could be interested in," says Lucas a soldier that brings Garrett his weekly supplies out of good faith.

"Thanks, Lucas. What would I do without you," says Garrett as he takes everything that Lucas handed him over.

He puts it on the table while Lucas left to continue enjoying his day off while Garrett was reading the last chapter of Naruto.

"He really got a happy ending it seems. Good for him but many things would be different if everyone had a fucking brain instead of just using it as decoration," says Garrett as he puts the chapter away before he sighs.

"I feel quite sleepy," says Garrett before he closed his eyes for the last time before he found himself in front of the gates towards heaven.

"So I died," says Garrett as took a step forward and wanted to open the gates when a hand stops him.

"Sorry about that Mortal but I can't allow you to enter Paradise yet," says a person with blonde hair and golden eyes.

Garrett looked at the man confused as he slowly turned into a monkey while saying, "Sorry for startling you. My name is Jack Parker and I saw how you lived your life in war and found it a pity that you never married someone to leave a legacy behind."

"I never married because I never knew if I would make it out of there alive. Once everything was over it was too late since I was too old," says Garrett as Jack smiled.

"Then let me give you a second chance that I also got when I died. I will send you to a world in which your natural talent for war can bloom. You won't need your memories, they would just hinder you from doing what is necessary. But in exchange, you will gain a little surprise from me. What do you say?" says Jack as he stretched his hand out making Garrett feel the temptation of a second life with maybe a wife and children.

"Alright," says Garrett as he takes the hand from Jack and everything turned black for him.

Jack catches his soul and says, "Well then let us begin."

Jack extracted all the memories from Garrett when Logan arrives and asks, "You having fun?"

"A little. I have to wait for you to finally choose a worthy candidate until then, I will pass some time with someone that deserves it," says Jack as he picked Garrett up and all three disappeared.

"Oh, isn't this the Naruto World? But it seems the hidden villages have formed quite recently," says Logan as he sees looked around.

"Yes, this is before the First Shinobi World War," says Jack as he compressed Garrett's soul turning it slowly into a child when three blood vials were fused into the new body making it a newborn.

"So what is your idea?" asks Logan as they landed and walk through one of the villages while being ignored by everyone.

"He was a Veteran that hated what his country did but would still die for it. It sounded a bit like my past but I hope he has a better future in this life," says Jack as they stood in front of a gate with a symbol that resembled a Vajra.

"Can I ask you a favor and get from you a plot-armor for this child as well as Alfred as his teacher from six to twelve years," says Jack as he looked at his brother who nods.

"I will do so but why the Senju Clan," asks Logan as Jack nods.

"Because of Hashirama. He wouldn't abandon a child just because he is from a different bloodline," says Jack as he entered through the gates with Logan following him.

Their trespassing was noticed as they were surrounded by the Senju Clan when a man in red armor asks, "What do you want from us this late in the night?"

"Hashirama Senju, nice to meet you. You as well, Mito Uzumaki," say Jack and Logan as they still walked forward when the clan member attacked.

Suddenly Black Chains appeared out of nowhere immobilizing everyone in midair as Mito looked confused when Jack says, "Those aren't the Adamantine Sealing Chain of the Uzumaki Clan but the Black Sealing Chains of the Godking."

"What do you want?" asks Hashirama as he could see that they weren't hostile since they didn't kill anyone of the clan but only immobilized them.

"I bring forward a child that can either bring hope to your village or destruction depending on how you treat it," says Jack as he placed the newborn into Mito's arms.

"His name is Yone but his family name is still to be decided. He could be Senju, Uzumaki, or Uchiha since he shares their blood," says Jack as Logan puts his finger on Yone's forehead and energy begins to stream into his body.

"He will be under my protection until he reaches the age of sixteen. He will be trained by someone trustworthy once he reaches the age of six. Just don't be surprised that he suddenly grows stronger out of nowhere," says Logan as he takes his finger away.

"We should leave before my presence destroyed this world," says Logan as suddenly the earth under their feet began to tremble while Jack takes a fruit out hands it over.

"Give him the fruit once he is six. His master will know what it is," says Jack as both disappeared as well as the chains making everyone fall to the ground as the shaking stopped.

Mito was looking at the child seeing it sleep peacefully as she says, "I think we are too old for a child maybe we should let Hana and Horirama take care of him since they are about to give birth to a child."

"I don't know about this. They could neglect the boy because it isn't their own," says Hashirama as he could feel immense Chakra inside that little body.

"Horirima was raised by us he should know how to love a child that isn't his own," says Mito as she carried Garrett now known as Yone inside the compound while her daughter-in-law was giving birth to Hashirama's first grandchild.

When they arrived, Hana, their daughter-in-law, was holding her daughter while Horirama was beside her.

Horirama looked almost exactly like his father just that he didn't have the same tan and shorter hair while his armor was green instead of red like the one of his father.

Hana was a straight blonde beauty that had brown eyes making everyone know that she was Tsunade's mother without a question as she was holding Tsunade in her arms at that moment.

"Father and Mother, did you come to see your grandchild?" asks Horirama as he looked at his parents relieved and full of happiness at the same time.

"We came but we have another thing we need to talk with you two," says Mito as Horirama noticed that his mother was carrying something.

"What are you carrying?" asks Horirama as he could feel immense chakra coming from it.

"Your adoptive son. We are too old to raise a child and you just got your first. We want you to raise it with Hana beside your child," says Hashirama seriously as Hana seemed to be conflicted about it.

"Whose son is he?" asks Horirama as he was skeptical about it.

"No ones', two men brought him here saying that he could be the village's hope or destruction depending on how he is raised. That's why we want it to be raised in a family that can give him some love," says Hashirama as he was leaving many things out like how the earth trembled because of them and that they defeated without sweating the guards of the compound.

"What about my daughter?" asks Horirama as Hashirama only smiled as he picked her up.

"She like the boy and everyone else born in this village are my grandchildren. I just hope that you can show him some love so he can call this place home even if you favorite your daughter more them him," says Hashirama as he played with his finger as Tsunade grabbed his finger making a bright smile appear on his face.

"What is his name?" asks Horirama as he took Yone in his hands.

"The men called him Yone but his surname was still not decided. They said it could be Senju, Uzumaki, or Uchiha," says Mito as Horirama had a nervous face.

"Uncle will not like it if he finds out that an Uchiha is living under our roof," says Horirama as he meant with uncle, Tobirama Senju.

"I and your mother will deal with Tobirama ourselves. You just have to raise him well beside Tsunade here," says Hashirama as he ended with naming Tsunade the tradition of giving Senju children's name at the end the -ma.

Hana wasn't pleased but she could accept the boy into her family giving him some love since he was alone in the world as she says, "Can I hold him for a moment if I have to be his mother."

"Of course," says Horirama as he gave Yone over to Hana who was sleeping.

Hana was carrying the child as if it was Tsunade and the child was just sleeping comfortably in her arms as she says, "We should be able to raise him with Tsunade. Maybe he will become a good older brother to Tsunade this way and protect my daughter from everything dangerous."

"You are already thinking about the future. Maybe he will be able to do so if he sees us as his clan," says Hashirama as he had high hopes for both Tsunade and Yone.

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