23 What did you say, mom?

When Mantle heard her, his eyes turned red and the veins around his forehead popped out. No one has ever called him trash, and now suddenly someone called himself trash, he felt humiliated. The fire condensed on his fist as he rushed towards Jenny.

"Strangling Fire-Snake"

When he smashed his fist towards her, the fire erupts out of his hand and condensed into a long snake. This long snake binds around his fist and suddenly, pounced towards Jenny. But Jenny wasn't waiting for his attack to hit her.

Suddenly, an iron sword appeared in her hand. It was a meter long with a single sharp edge. It was slender and looks like a katana. Its hilt was rectangular black, when she touched it, the dark gas warped out it, turning white into a dark purple.

"Dark Phantom Sword- Darkness Slash"

She pulled her sword back and swing it. The sword released a powerful dark slash that rushed towards the fire snake.


The slash collided against the fire snake and exploded with pieces. At this moment, both of them were raising their auras. At this moment, Mantle's aura shocked Jenny, and Jenny's aura shocked Mantle. Both of them felt their realm wasn't completely stable.

Both of them had just recently reached the seventh stage of the Solider Realm. But when Jenny released her attack, she instantly got an edge with her elemental talent. With the ability energy purer than Mantle's, her slash not only cut that fire snake but also made it explode.

When the dust raises, Jenny moved. The sword on her hand condensed another layer of dark gas. But just like her, Mantle also tried to sneak attack from the dust.

"Fire Arrows"

"Pssshh" "Whoosh" "Whoosh" "Boom" "Boom"

Coating her sword with dark gas, she swings her sword against the upcoming arrows and sliced them. But she didn't stop, jumping on air, she lifts her sword holding it with both of her hands. The dark gas condensed a thick layer of energy around her sword as she swings her sword down, not once but three times.

Each time she swings her sword down, she immediately lifted her sword, shifted it a little to the left, and slashed down. But once again, she pulled her sword up, shifted it a little to the right, and slashed down. But she didn't stop there, she pulled her sword to the right, horizontally, and slashed from right to left.

"Dark Phantom Sword- Dark Triad"


Her move dark triad formed three slashes vertically and a horizontal, all four rushing towards a single opponent. There was no way Mantle could escape it especially when he couldn't even see it properly. The slash at the very right and the horizontal slash, both collided against his chest.

"Ku-ek" "Thud"

The mantle fell on the ground when he was about to move out of the dust. His chest had two slashes, one vertical and another horizontal. The blood gushed out of his chest as he screamed in pain.


But Jenny didn't care about his screams, she condensed dark gas around her sword and made a slash on his shoulder.


The blood gushed out with the scream coming out of his mouth.

"Ahhhhhhh" "B…..Bitch," "Ku-ek" "If you kill me, Wild Tiger academy won't let you go!" Filled with fear and pain, Mantle could only shout at Jenny. Jenny slowly moved towards him and smashed his face with her feet.

"You trash! Even if I kill you, the Academy of wild dogs won't do anything to me!" Hearing her words, disbelieve appeared on his face which was under her feet. He was filled with humiliation but now, fear was growing from the bottom of his heart.


Suddenly, she smashed his face on the ground and said "I won't kill you, after all, he still has a life and death battle with you."

Hearing her words, the fear in his heart slowly decreased. He naturally didn't care about that battle from the start to even now. After all, Mike's talent was just an E-Rank. But what he didn't understand was why someone with A-Rank talent would be his girlfriend?

In his eyes, Mike is the trash that used to beat him when they were small. His hatred against Mike wasn't less than his brother's. But until Mike awakens an element, he didn't take any action. Because the organization that created Ascension to Godhood gets the news of an awakened person attacking an unawakened person, that organization will get to bottom of this case.

Both Mac and Mantle understand this. And that's why these two didn't move against him until now. Because now, he was awakened. This is why Mac didn't do much to Mike's mom. After all, he had more chances to humiliate Mike if he rapes his mother before Mike came to Downtown Street.

While Mantle's heart began to relax, a few words from Jenny's mouth once again made him scream in pain.

"But before that let me break a few more skin and muscles in your body" "Splash" "Splash" "Splash" "Splash"

"Ahhhh" "Ahhhhhh" Ahhhhhhhhhh"

Things that he wanted to do but couldn't succeed were done by her. Her katana sliced his skin and muscles from his chest to legs. After that, the sword in her hands disappeared and a ring on her finger shone.

Jenny's expression turned anxious when she saw Mike laying on the pool of blood. She hurriedly moves near him and found he was unconscious. Suddenly, a Health Potion appeared in her hand. She turned his body and opened his mouth.

The moment Health Potion entered his body, his injuries began to heal. Its effect was a lot greater than F-Rank potions which were naturally surprising. But Mike wasn't conscious to feel the change and ask her. His stamina was already depleted since he lost so much blood.

She held him in her arms and lifted him. Just when she was about to walk out, a thought came across her mind as she moved towards Mantle, also covered in blood. She didn't care if the police find it.

Because as long as ordinary people aren't bothered, people with superpowers are allowed to fight each other. But she had a different reason to come near him. When she arrived below him, she lifted her leg and smashed a kick on his little brother.


The unconscious Mantle didn't feel it but it seems he has lost his chance to be a father. His little brother was completely crushed. Now, both brothers could no longer produce offspring. Mike broke Mac's eggs while Jenny broke Mantle's eggs.

After that, she took him to his home. With her fast speed, many people didn't get to see her. Only a few awakened people saw her but chose to ignore her. It was normal but it wasn't uncommon either. When she reached his home, she saw his mom waiting outside.

"Mike!!!" When Jenny appeared in front of her house, Elizabeth saw Mike lying unconscious on her arm. Her expression turned deathly pale as she ran toward him.

"Don't worry, aunty! He is fine. His wounds are already healed, he seems to have lost blood which is why he is unconscious." Although Jenny spoke with a smile to make Elizabeth calm, her words didn't work on Elizabeth.

She could only watch Elizabeth holding Mike and sobbing while cursing herself. Jenny felt she couldn't bear this anymore, so she said "Aunt, he needs a good sleep. How about letting him sleep on his bed?"

Elizabeth nodded her head with red eyes and led her to his room. Jenny puts him on his bed and looked at Elizabeth, giving a slight bow "Aunt, my name is Jenny Flora. I am your nephew's girlfriend. Would it be alright if I stay here tonight?"

Although Elizabeth was wondering who Jenny was, she didn't get a chance to ask. But when Jenny introduced herself, Elizabeth was left in shock. Elizabeth walked near him, and caress his cheek, murmuring.

"My son...thank god! Finally, he is not a virgin." Hearing her words, Jenny felt like digging a hole to bury her head. She felt extremely embarrassed when Elizabeth said that. After all, that means she was accepted by Elizabeth.

But her next questions made Jenny even more embarrassed "By the way, how did you meet him and where did you take aphrodisiac? Wait, did he even satisfy you? You didn't try to kill him after he took your virginity, did you?"

"Bang" Jenny could no longer bear her questions, so she slammed the door and ran away. Elizabeth shook her head with a helpless smile and then looked at Mike, murmuring "I don't know whether to be sad or happy? Why must I bear such a curse? Why must I watch you suffer? Daniel, why must my son kill your childhood enemy?"

"Aren't you powerful? Why don't you come down and take your revenge?" Tears non-stop fell down her cheeks. After a long time, she wiped those tears and murmured "Michal, just how much longer till you break this curse for me and fulfill your promise? Until then, should I just live an ordinary life and look after our son? You couldn't kill your enemy when you were small and now you want your son to clean up your mess."

"Don't you feel embarrassed as a father?"

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