3 First Experience of Dual Cultivation!

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Upon hearing his words, Melia did not feel ashamed. Instead, she pulled him onto her body even more fervently. She looked at him seductively, and her legs opened up a little more than before.

Li Mo smiled and said, "There's no rush. Feel it. He's not fully ready yet."

As he said that, he pulled Queen Melia's hand towards the dragon.

Queen Melia lowered her eyes and looked at the raging dragon. Her small hand grabbed it gently and she felt it grew a little longer in her hand.

Li Mo could barely stand her teasing. He immediately stood up and showed himself completely to Queen Melia..

She understood and sat up as well. Her hands were gently wrapping around the base. She saw that the it was becoming more and more swollen. The surface was covered with blue veins. From time to time, it would spit out some clear liquid.

Li Mo could not take it anymore. He extended it to the side of Queen Melia's mouth. Then, he slightly pushed his pelvis, and the tip of it gently patted her lips.

Queen Melia's small mouth was slightly open. Her lips and tongue curled up, and her fingers were still moving nimbly. After she pulled down the foreskin, she let go of her hand, allowing it to bounce back up. Her mouth did not stop moving, and it went round and round. She even dug her tongue into the hole


Li Mo's legs trembled slightly, and his head leaned back. "Mmm..." Moaning, he freed a hand and gripped one of Queen Melia's breasts tightly.

It was round like a peach, and felt extremely good and smooth.

In the quiet room, the man's hoarse breathing mixed with the sound of the woman's slurping and swallowing.

Li Mo held Queen Melia's head with both hands, occasionally lowering his head. He could only see her head undulating between his legs.

When the dragon completely woke up, Queen Melia could barely fit half of it. But even so, Li Mo still felt a strong stimulation. It made his blood boil.

At this moment, he had an impulse to ravage her mouth, to push her down and fiercely possess her. He wanted to make her scream and make her beg for mercy.

Queen Melia would lick, suck and tease his head. One of her hands would quietly reach out and touch her own wet opening. At this moment, she was extremely sensitive. With just a slight touch, her delicate body would tremble incessantly.

Clear liquid dripped down and onto Queen Melia's jade-white thigh. Finally, it soaked into the bed sheet.

Queen Melia was no longer satisfied. She suddenly bit Li Mo and ground her wicked teeth.

Li Mo quivered and pushed her onto the bed.

Queen Melia licked her lips seductively, her eyes like silk.

Then, she raised her legs, revealing her tender flesh.

Li Mo's gaze was fixed on the gap between her legs. Even though her legs were spread, there was still only a small gap.

Thinking of how tight it was, Li Mo's desire surged.

Li Mo raised his head and kissed her again. In a hoarse voice, he said, "I'm going in."

Queen Melia bit her lower lip lightly. "I want you to fill it up."

As she said this, another stream of lustful liquid gushed out from the delicate bud.

Li Mo narrowed his eyes and grabbed her slender calf. At this moment, he rammed into her.

"Ah... !" Queen Melia bit her lips in pain, tears flowed from the corners of her eyes. Li Mo could clearly feel a layer of membrane being torn apart, and blood was slowly seeping out from the small gap.

Li Mo was stunned for a moment and looked at Queen Melia in shock.

"You... how are you still a virgin?"

Queen Melia took a few deep breaths before she looked up at Li Mo and said, "I'm the ruler of the Dragon Kingdom. Not everyone can meet my eyes, let alone possess me."

Li Mo cursed in his heart. What luck he had. Just as he was feeling pleased with himself, he felt Queen Melia's insides contracting, as though it was breathing.

"Are you distracted at a time like this? I'm starting to wonder if I've made the wrong choice!"

A man could be killed but his dignity could not be challenged. However, as a good man, he had to treat a woman's first time gently.

He continued to pierce through Queen Melia's taut opening gently. Her walls were tightly wrapped around him, making Li Mo feel so good that he moaned softly, "Oh... mmm... mmm..."

Although it took some time, Li Mo finally sunk into Queen Melia completely. The tip of the head was even rubbing against the end of her opening.

It was being squeezed by her flesh.

The intense squeezing made Li Mo experience a pleasure he had never experienced before. It was like ascending to heaven. All the pores on his body were open. Although he had seen many X-rated movies, it felt completely different to experience it. Besides, she's even a virgin.

"Does it feel good to lose your virginity?" Li Mo asked Queen Melia in a teasing voice.

She struggled to raise her head to look at her lower abdomen. Because of Li Mo's thickness, the lower part of her navel bulged slightly. The feeling of being filled completely suppressed the pain from just now. However, Li Mo not moving made her feel itchy on the inside.

"Hmm.. it's not enough. Hurry up and move, I'm uncomfortable..."

Li Mo began to slowly move his buttocks, inserting and pulling it back out a few times, until Queen Melia began to show signs of excitement. Then, he increased his speed and intensity.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

After a few minutes, she no longer felt any pain. All she felt was endless pleasure. Soon, she felt the burning sensation and the deep pleasure that followed.

At this moment, the only sounds that could be heard in the room were Queen Melia's mesmerizing moans and heavy breathing, as well as a sloshing sound.

"Ah! Ah! Harder! Deeper!" Queen Melia hugged Li Mo's neck tightly with passion and shouted.

Upon hearing her request, Li Mo grabbed her slender waist tightly and lifted her into the air. He began to push against her bit by bit. Although he pushed hard for a few minutes, there was still no sign of fatigue, his head was like a hammer hitting a wall, continuously hitting the depths of her wall.

Li Mo watched Queen Melia's beautiful and plump breasts shaking, and her sexy face.

Especially her buttocks, the sound of them slapping against his thighs, coupled with her lascivious moans, made Li Mo thrust even harder.

"Ahhh... I can't hold it in anymore..." Queen Melia tilted her head back, her mouth slightly agape.

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