1 After School

"Another boring day" Thought Brandon as he sit down in the afternoon bus. Today class was Calculus, Statistic, and Philosophy. Brandon did not have an enjoyable lunch today so he is not feeling well, added to the fact that he have to wait for the bus that came 40 minutes late did not help.

Brandon Nguyen is a Vietnamese descent University student. At first glance you would think he is one of those Asian who can do well in any Mathematics related subject, but for Brandon, he enjoyed the Philosophy class more than Math. To him, Math is too rigid and logical. Yet, it is true that Math are one of his best subject, but he never believe that human should look at the world through the lenses of Mathematics. "Human was never a logical creature" is what he think, yet they convince themselves that they should live their life based on logic. That is why he choose Philosophy as his GE course. He thoroughly enjoy learning how people think, even though he have no plan on building a career from it. It was purely for his enjoyment during his years at University.

After lost in his thought for a few moment, the bus arrive at his destination. the bus stop in front of the local 7 Eleven, 2 block away from his home. "I should get some snack for today" he thought as he decided to pick up a few bags of chips before heading home.

Brandon live together with 2 of his friends. They came together and rent a house in the local area so they can easily get to school without a need for a car. Despite that, they all have cars. The house have 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets, and a kitchen area. It was not bad for a group of University students who live under budget. They thought of living in the campus dorm, but they dislike the curfew. as for Brandon family, they live in Texas. His family move to the US when he was in high school. It was a shame that he was just getting some close friends back in Vietnam, but it does not matter much to him. He has been a very private person, and rarely open up to people.

As always, Brandon go into his room immediately after he get back, set down his backpack, sit on his computer chair, and boot up his computer. "Right on time" He thought as the monitor screen turning on. He proceed to clock on the icon of his favorite MMORPG.

In this game, you can play as a large variaty of classes, as well as enjoy a large open world map spanning across multiple realms. Interestingly enough, the classes as well as the many cities and location in this game is not limited to the setting of one time period. The setting span from Steampunk city busting with mechanical robot and Medieval castle protected by Knights all the way to Eastern Empire together with the world of Murim and Cultivation.

The players can be what ever they want to be in this game. You can be a Pirate that sail cross the Ocean looking for treasure and pillaging merchant ships. You can be a Mechanic that build Robot or fight in giant Mechanical Armor. You can be a sword man, wandering the Eastern forest, looking for a worthy opponent. You can be a blacksmith and create the most powerful weapon. You can be a tavern owner who is also an information broker. The possibility is endless. When this game first came out, it was a massive hit. There were millions of players world wide playing the game. Even though the popularity of the game has dwindle down as many new and better looking game appear on the market, Brandon love for the game has never disappear.

Brandon is not at all a top player of this game. He certainly start playing the game the moment it was release, but he is just your average player. However, he did created and managing a Guild. It is not a large Guild, but all of its members are people he personally invited.

Today, just like any day, he login to his favorite game and hanging out with his favorite people. A faint smile appear on his lips that even he didn't notice as the the game booting up the titles, Yggdrasil.


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