18 E2138-18: Valentine Date

Yuki and Hana embarked on a journey of love and celebration on this Valentine's Day. The pair had grown close while they were at the orphanage, where Hana had served as Yuki's caretaker. The love they shared had only flourished with time, bringing them to this day of merriment.

They roamed the streets of Kyoto, donned in their fashionable gas masks. They had to admit, they felt a little silly wearing them, but the city's smog made it a necessity. Hana smiled at Yuki as they walked, taking in the sights and sounds of the bustling city.

"So, where are we headed first?" Yuki asked, a mischievous glint in his eye.

Hana laughed. "You'll just have to wait and see," she replied, taking his hand in hers.

Their first stop was a virtual reality park, where they could escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the beauty of nature. As they donned their headsets, Yuki couldn't help but feel excited for what lay ahead.

"Are you ready for this?" Hana asked, grinning at him.

Yuki nodded, feeling a little nervous but mostly excited. They were transported to a lush forest with a shimmering waterfall. They explored hand in hand, taking in the beauty of the virtual world around them.

"This is amazing," Yuki whispered, his eyes wide with wonder.

Hana smiled at him, her heart overflowing with love. "I'm glad you like it," she said softly.

As the day turned into night, they made their way to a rooftop restaurant, where they enjoyed a candlelit dinner. The holographic sky above them made it feel as though they were dining under the stars.

"This is perfect," Yuki said, gazing into Hana's eyes.

Hana blushed, feeling a warmth spread through her body. "I'm so happy we're together," she said, leaning in for a kiss.

As the night wore on, they found themselves at a small park, where they sat on a bench and watched the sunset. The sky turned shades of pink and orange as the sun sank below the horizon.

"I can't believe how beautiful this is," Yuki said, feeling overwhelmed with emotion.

Hana smiled, taking his hand in hers. "I'm just happy to be here with you," she said softly.

They sat in comfortable silence, enjoying each other's company as the stars appeared in the sky. For Yuki and Hana, it was a day to remember, a day to celebrate their love and the memories they were creating together.


Some things happened and now they were kissing in the hotel room, while caressing each other.

As the warmth of the evening began to fill the room, their passion for each other deepened, and they realized that this night had already given them memories to last a lifetime.

Their hands explored each other's body and their lips moved together in a tender embrace, both of them aware that the night was still young and filled with possibilities.

They were fully immersed in the moment, living in each other's embrace, feeling their love for one another grow stronger with every passing second. Yuki's hand grabs

Hana's breast with care, and Hana's hand is inside Yuki's pants pushing her fingers further and further into the warmth of his body exploring each other and delving deeper into the intimacy.

Yuki pressed Hana's body up against the wall, their tongues intertwining and embracing each other as Yuki kissed Hanas neck gently and softly.

Both of them losing themselves in a world of pleasure and yearning for more as Yuki continued to kiss Hana's neck, then slowly moved his hands down towards her hips, slowly moving his hands over her body with a tender and passionate touch.

She gasped in pleasure as Yuki explored her curves and she felt the heat of their bodies melding together in a passionate embrace.

Hana's heart was racing and she could feel the fire within her soul, burning brighter as Yuki moved his lips to hers, their tongues intertwining in a passionate embrace.

His touch was gentle yet powerful, sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout her body as she moved her hands around his neck and ran her fingers through his hair, a soft moan escaping her lips as Yuki deepened the kiss.

Both of them were lost in a blissful moment, the desire that had been growing between them finally being unleashed.

The intensity of the moment seemed to last an eternity as they moved in perfect harmony, neither wanting the moment to end.

She lets out soft moans through the kiss as they explore each other's bodies, passion coursing through her veins as their tender embrace continues.

Yuki slowly moves his hands up and down her body, feeling her curves and delighting in the sensation of pleasure they both feel.

He kisses her neck and shoulder as they move, his breath hot on her skin as his lips move lower, giving her a feeling of warmth and arousal that she hadn't felt before.

Yuki took the lead by slowly removing Hana's shirt to reveal her delicate, soft skin underneath.

His fingers move over her body in an intricate dance, exploring her inch by inch.

The fun bags were held in place by a naughty bra, with the size just right for Yuki's hand to fondle.

She moaned softly as he touched her sensitive areas, teasing her and tantalizing her with the promise of pleasure yet to come.

Yuki the skillfully removed Hana's bra and aching breasts were released from their bondage, and Yuki's mouth moved to her left nipple, licking it gently before taking it into his mouth and gently sucking.

Hana's body tensed with pleasure as Yuki's tongue continued to play around her nipple, sending shock waves of desire through her body.

Yuki then moved his attention to the other breast, teasing it with soft nibbles and gentle kisses.

Hana felt herself trembling, her breathing becoming more and more erratic as the sensation of pleasure intensified.

Her moans became louder and her legs began to shake uncontrollably, as Yuki slowly moved his hands down her body, caressing and exploring every inch of her skin.

Not wanting to be left alone to fell the pleasure, Hana kneeled down and eagerly returned the favor, caressing and kissing Yuki just as tenderly as he had done with her.

She unzipped his pants and pulled it down revealing his long, thick member which was fully erect and ready for her to take in her hands.

She gasped in surprise and pleasure as her fingers carefully encircled his manhood, feeling it pulse with warmth.

Taking it in her hands, she slowly stroked and caressed his shaft while lightly tracing her fingertips along the head.

Yuki moaned in pleasure as she pleasured him, and she felt a thrill run through her body as she felt his arousal growing with each caress.

She felt a powerful urge to please him and make him feel the pleasure that he had given her, and she eagerly went to work to make sure that he felt just as satisfied as her.

She used her tongue to lick and swirl around his tip, teasing him with every pass.

She moved her hand in time with her mouth, expertly playing with him and sending him into a world of pleasure.

His breathing became heavier and louder, and Yuki felt his entire body tense up in pleasure.

Hana increased her pace and intensity, wanting to send him over the edge.

But Yuki won't give in, he then picks up Hana and throwed her in bed.

He pulled her pants revealing her naughty G-string.

Yuki didn't waste time and tore it revealing her most intimate parts.

Hana was taken aback, she could feel his strong gaze taking in her exposed body.

Yuki then takes his raging cock and thrusts it deep inside of her.

Hana felt a mix of pleasure and pain as Yuki filled her with his immense size.

Hana moaned as Yuki moved in and out of her with force.

Yuki began to go faster and faster, his movements becoming more intense with each thrust.

Hana cried out in pleasure and agony as Yuki pounded into her, his thrusts going deeper and faster.

His intensity increased with each thrust and Hana felt her own pleasure mounting to new heights, until she could no longer contain it.

Yuki let out a deep moan as his climax finally took hold and Hana felt her own pleasure reach its peak as Yuki continued to move in and out of her with force.

Hana felt her womb filled with the warmth of Yuki's sperm and a sense of satisfaction and bliss washed over her as the final throes of their passion slowly came to an end.

But it was not the end for Yuki, he then moved his hand to caress Hana's face lovingly and looked deep into her eyes with an expression of adoration and tenderness, as if to thank her for the beautiful experience they had just shared.

Then suddenly turned her body around and pulled her ass up, then immediately thrusting her again in a doggy style position.

As Yuki thrust into Hana with renewed vigor, she gasped in pleasure as a new wave of sensation washed over her.

She had just finished cumming but then Yuki suddenly thrust her again making her body tense up, her legs trembling, and suddenly she found herself spiraling back into orgasmic bliss.

But Yuki was not done yet, he didn't wait for her orgasm to finish and continued thrusting and grinding against her, taking her to ever more heights of pleasure until suddenly he let out a guttural moan and they both let out loud screams as they both orgasmed together.

Hana felt another flow of warm and fresh cum making their way into her womb. Yuki smiled and bent down to kiss her cheek, then he pressed down Hana's body and started to thrust her again as she felt her orgasm climbing up her spine and building in intensity.

She then released a powerful scream as she felt her orgasm crashing over her and through her entire body, while this time Yuki was still thrusting like a bull in heat, without care of her orgasm, sending her into another one.

Yuki soon followed, his muscles tensing and his moans increasing in intensity as he reached his own peak of pleasure.

Hana's body was now drenched with sweat as she felt Yuki releasing his warmth inside her womb, knowing that this wasn't the end, but only the beginning of what would be an unforgettable night for both.

She had just jinxed her own fate as Yuki didn't even pull out and start to thrust her vagina again.

Hana's eyes widened as she felt Yuki thrusting her again, while her body was still shuddering from the aftershocks of her orgasm.

Hana's screams echoed around the room as her orgasm hit her like a wave, and she felt her pleasure double as Yuki soon followed, his muscles tensing and his moans increasing in intensity as he reached his own peak of pleasure.

The sperm acting like a natural lubricant as Yuki kept thrusting until he eventually finished, leaving Hanas weak and panting from the intensity of the experience.

As she lay there, Hanas couldn't help but smile to herself like a pervert while the cum that was blocked all this time, started to gush out like a flood gate had been opened.

She felt the warmth of it trickling down her leg and onto the bed, and started to feel something was coming out of her.

She lets out a loud moan as she squirts for the first time in her life. Yuki looked at Hanas in amazement as he felt an immense sense of accomplishment from making Hanas reach her climax without even touching her.

After looking at the sight of the fountain of pleasure, Yuki then looks at Hana and sees her smiling like a pervert.

With that, Hana lays on the bed with a satisfied expression on her face and Yuki can't help but feel proud of what he has achieved.

"What a great Valentine's day"

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