Yarra's Adventure Notes Book

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Yarra's Adventure Notes

Playboy of the Capital

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In the magical Yarran World, a group of extraordinary professionals ventured into dangerous places for knowledge, wealth, thrill, and honor, exploring secrets hidden in the depths of time. Coexisting with dangers, they were given a fitting name—adventurers. With so many adventurers around, there would be a few oddballs, of course. Take for instance, the swordsman who used to be a thirsty hedonist and now spent his days looking for ways to put his life in danger; the knight who saw gold coins as his ultimate pursuit; the schizophrenic and overly curious priest, and the genius mage who was prone to zoning out and could not care of himself. What kind of strange stories would these kooky individuals create when they came together? Alright, all the above are just nonsense. In truth, this is a casual story of an abnormal, unscrupulous middle-aged man and a few problematic girls undergoing self-therapy- I mean, seeking redemption. You have been solemnly warned that this story is purely fictional. If there is any glaring similarity, you probably need self-therapy too.