Yandere Vs Yandere

The two rising stars of the empire. The once-in-a-millennium wizard, and the incarnation of the war goddess knight. With family, society, history, and even gods as their obstacles, the stone-cold wizard and the fiery-hot knight wage a war of love that would sweep up the entire world. Their twisted desire would mercilessly annihilate anything that comes in the way of their love. And their targets? Each other. The road to love was one laden with thorns. Would these two geniuses be genial enough to understand each other's desires? Or would they be left stranded in the sea of misunderstandings without the boat called social skills? *** Extra Chapter every 20 PS! Bonus Chapters for Magic Castle-5 Chapters

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Chapter 27: Responsibility (2)

A few kids noticed the two of his aides and shouted. He glanced at them and nodded. Who knew not the legend of the ancient hero, the one who had conquered the most labyrinths and had received the ancient powers and artifacts of gods?

It was a tale known to every child and every adult.

Hero and Ogre smiled as they adjusted their masks and strode over to the kids and played around with them. The sire watched from afar and smiled while Silver and Lion joined in too. The kids were displeased with the unknown OCs intervening in the game, but let it pass.

The parents in rags and torn clothes that passed by smiled and looked at them in merriment and smiles.

Not long after, Wolf came around. "Sire," he said. "Jim asks you over. The pie isn't done yet, but we'll make do with the rest."

"Haha! Don't mention it." The sire smiled, a smile on his face spilling over to Wolf's. "All of you, come along. Jim calls!"

The others smiled and strutted over to the captain. The kids clung but had to let go when their parents pulled them away.

The sire was happy.

Happy that he could still do something.

With wolf in the lead, they eventually reached back to their mate's house, and in sat Jim, behind him a beauty with auburn hair in the kitchen.

"Ah, there you are. Welcome, sire, and the rest of the guests! I am happy to see you taking care of my husband, he must be a handful."

"Handful he is, but he never stops talking about how splendid his missus is with everything, lady." Sire smiled and spoke. "The man cherishes you, I wish you do so back."

The lady blushed and smacked Jim's shoulder.


The sire was certain now.

"Please, sire, have a seat."

Everyone sat around the round table, the sire at the head. The scent of wine wafted from the kitchen while Jim served out some wine. The wine was poured into each of their glasses while the sire waited and watched his cup. The red cup filled one after another, and his came last with the finest of all their smiles.

It was a great thing to go with it, all their smiles.

With one of his own, the sire raised his cup and called over Jim's wife too.

"But the pie."

"Please, I insist."

The lady had no choice and took a seat with them.

Even far from the places of the palace, far from the work of the knights, there was so much happiness.

"I'd like to make a toast, to all of you."

Those petty nobles had to have their fights, and the commoners like him were caught in the way.

No. Not commoners.

What were they if not bandits?

It was all his fault, his actions, his dissatisfaction that brought it along?

When did it start?

Was it when he had climbed far up and was still kicked down?

What had he done except save a child? It cost him a grave injury in his spine.

But the child lived! Even though he himself slept for three months, at least the child was alright.

He expected praise, and happiness for the child.

But instead, that child with no one left in his family was sent away in a caravan, the noble was a pig, the child depressed. In the end, himself was pushed out of the doors with his sword in the nobles' hands and a bag of money in his.

That was it.

For laying his life on the line, he was paid back with a single, sorry sack of cash.

And now, he had to face it anyway.

He had to eat it away.

The bitterness he felt, the rage he held, it blinded him.

He handed over his money in anger, to Jim, to the lion, wolf, silver, hero, ogre, all of them weren't saved from the goodness of his heart but his bitterness.

But how long was he going to be bitter for?

"I…" the sire said. In his eyes fresh the smile of Jim's wife, the sounds of the children's cheers. "I will go and take responsibility, toward both the nobles. Call the together, surrender my head."


"What are you talking about, sire?"

"It is for the best. There's no reason for all of you to die alongside me. None."

"But, sire! How can we let this happen? Is this why you wanted a meal?"

"Yes, this would be but our last meal together."

After this.

He was going to call the two nobles together for their attack.

Both of them, at the same spot.

And surrender.

To Kristine et Kaiser and Isaac von Episteme Athenus at the same spot.

Oh, what a fool sire was.

Oh, what mischief, the goddess seemed.

Not even they knew.

I worry that this bit slightly dragged the arc out, but it served well to lay some groundwork for the political state of the empire and the citizens along with some worldbuilding as well, please consider it a chapter of those lines!

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