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Yandere Sect


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As the law of absurdity dictates, people are born different; However, Mo Cho had the worst "luck" of them all; getting his trust broken by his loved ones, he lost the will to live, but his story won't be told if it ended just like that, right? A dangerous secret is stored deeply inside his body; follow his journey, step by step unraveling the extent of his self and soul. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now what to really expect: Best Yandere story you will ever read. Excellent character development, decent world-building, and humble writing. Unique Cultivation setting. (Not at the start of the story) Light smut, aka "fan service," I don't write R-18 novels and I won't be proud of making someone shlong bigger, so a big Hell No! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anyway, enjoy my newest masterpiece of the yandere god creation brought you by the best, most handsome author in the world (facts) cough* cough* Like I usually say, English is my fourth language behind some useless languages; my parents forced me to learn. (Sigh* still the biggest regret of my life) The cover is not mine. I'm not an artist, thanks, chief*


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