Yandere path: Once the greatest Assassin

Vanco who goes back in time to amend his mistakes and to try and this time survive while able to go to his life with huge changes. He who was once the notorious assassin that everyone fears. The best assassin in the world. But dies in the hands those close to him those he ignored their feelings as he paid dearly with his life. Now wanting to be careful as he is back to his young self he will become the strongest again but will indulge in the carnal pleasures along the way. "No break for me I guess....." How will Vanco save his loved one's and how will he overcome the obstacles in his way. .

AmNotnuttyy · Fantasy
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44 Chs

Back in time?



"Argh", the boy wakes up with a aching headache as he clutched his head with his two hands rolling on his bed as he fell down off his bed. He didn't scream in pain he held it in.


Seconds passed that felt like hours as his pain in his head finally subsided. He open his eyes as they were shut tight because of him experiencing pain.

Getting up as he shook his head the lingering pain is gone as he felt better bit by bit. He remembered everything now as he looked at himself in the mirror in his room. he was shocked to know what was he seeing and it was none other than himself but younger way younger he looked at his appearance it was him when he was sixteen years old. He felt himself as he ran his hands over his body, arms and face. He had his long grey unkempt hair taking off his clothes only leaving himself in boxers. His body was skinny he didn't have abs or anything he looked weak that's for sure.

"So this is me huh am I really back in time?", Mumbled Vanco as this was his name it felt weird for him to be back to his former young self. He right now was weak and that's one thing Vanco didn't like being weak. He remembered everything and how he died it left a bad taste in his mouth.

-------------------Flashback to the past-----------------------

Vanco currently was running away from someone who by far is the strongest and scariest thing he ever faced. He who had never feared anything is now running for his dear life.

"Darling~ Darling~ darling~ you can't run from me love you're mine and mine only!", A beautiful woman curvaceous with G -cup breast plump, juicy butt that would be addicted to squeeze to. Her beautiful scarlet long hair in a ponytail. Red beautiful eyes which were showing a crazy obsession to Vanco.

"Anya stop! You can't be doing this!", Vanco questioned her because Anya was a woman he loved and made love to.

She was the one that opened his emotionless heart as he was nothing more than a cold hearted killing machine. They fell in love as time went by he met her when he saved her from being raped by some kidnappers. But he saved her in the nick of time and that's were she fell in love first with him. She who was the heir/Miss of the most powerful family the 'Castra family'. Used her connections to find him and so they did. Anya had actually bought his services as a bodyguard for her since her bodyguard was a spy for the mysterious person that wanted to kidnap her. Vanco opened up to new feelings which was all Anya work of opening up the cold hearted killer. She eliminated those female that try to get close to him. Vanco experienced happiness, joy, love, everything. Like jealousy but that's because those people with families made him jealous.

They were seventeen when they met at that time.

"Nothing will stop from interfering with our love darling~ you're bound to me! Come here you're only making this harder on yourself", Anya was crazy but one moment Vanco didn't see her as he hid behind a tree then the next moment he was blacking out.

--------Hours later----------

Vanco woke up with things holding him moving his legs and arms everything was constrained. He couldn't move an inch not even budge the chains that were strapped on him. He was naked was one thing as he was on a soft bed but even though it was soft knowing who this room belongs to. It was none other than frightening because these chains were quite uncomfortable and cold.

"Darling~ Darling~ you're finally awake hehehe~", A naked beautiful Anya who was now straddling him on his lap her wet pussy that was dripping with love juices on his shaft. As she rubbed herself onto him as she was lustful.

Her eyes with obsession looking down into his eyes.

"You won't run away from me....do you have other woman waiting for you?....", those last words were cold as her eyes darken showing no emotion just pure coldness. Vanco felt a chill down his spine.

"No but you can't be doing this, I love you just that you didn't have to try to trap me onto the bed just because I had to speak to some other woman just to get information about my next target that would come harm you", Hearing those words Anya eyes softened as she felt warm from them but none other than less she didn't like how he talked to another female. Vasco was fully erect he couldn't bear how she was teasing him.

"Hmph! I don't care!", Vasco then died as he felt a stab on his chest looking where it was. A bloody knife was in hands of Anya as she had a crazy murderous smile. She was caressing his face with her other hand.

"We'll both die together!", Anya killed herself too. As both dead bodies were now together one laying on the other. Both died naked to each other as it took long for others to know they died in the room.

-------------------Back to the present-----------------------------

Vasco shaking his head it really was something of that woman to kill him because he talked to another female well he did had to use some seduction because that female was the wife of the target he was going to kill. Though of course hw wouldn't have slept with her not in a million years. But Anya took it the wrong way it made him just sigh in tiredness. Putting on some fresh new clothes from his closet he was in his room then he widened his eyes in realization. His loved ones were alive then that's what he thought.


"Vasco dinner is ready go wake up your sisters", Vasco heard the voice of the one that took care of him when he was small the woman that he loved none other than his mother Latina. Sisters he had them too. They were three of them he was the oldest of all of them. His first sister was his age but he was older than her by eleven months she was sixteen. Second sister was fifteen and the third one was fifteen as well but Amanda had eleven months ahead of Lora. That will be Carole the first sister, Amanda the second sister, Lora the third sister.

Vasco cried as he let out tears that were streaming out of his eyes. Spilling on his cheeks then on the floor. His heart was happy no he himself was happy knowing that those he loves are alive and healthy. Because back then in his adult like he lost them do to a terrible accident each one of them he lost. Making him become a emotionless, cold hearted killer without much of a sense of purpose.

"Vasco honey? you there?", a hint of worry was in her voice because she didn't hear him speak. Vasco wiped his tears away as a smile bloomed on his face. This time he had a resolute face on him as he remembered everything in his past life. He will overcome such challenges and will amend his mistakes will save those he loves with his strength. A serious look knowing that the dangers of what he has to overcome will not be easy but he knows the outcomes he will change it with his own hands.

"I will mother", Vasco open the door with a smiling face which made Latina worry disappear as she smiled as well at him but felt like a different aura around it made her curious as he felt different. As for his father he didn't have one he left them when he was five leaving their mother to overwork herself.

"good dinner is will get cold if you take to long", Latina left downstairs. Vasco seeing his mother leave he left to go wake up his sisters who he loves dearly. Going to his sisters room all three of them share the same room as it's the biggest his mother uses the medium size one as Vasco is stuck with the small one not like cares.

A three bedroom home with two floors

He saw his beautiful sisters as he gently smiled at them with affection. Each one with their own personality as Carole is the Bratty one, Amanda is the gentle one and Lora is the clingy one as she always clings onto him. He woke up first Carole.

"Wake up Carole"

"Leave me alone brother, I'm sleeping hmph", she said those words as she only open her eyes and closed them back. Vasco doesn't care about such tone she has with him. He loves her and it doesn't bother him not at all. So he tries to wake his next sister up as their is three beds separate from each other they have their room nicely decorated that of girl design.

"Wake up", Vasco poked Amanda's cheek which were puffy and cute to poke. Amanda lashes fluttered as her eyes opened.

"Big brother?", with a tire yawn she muttered those words.

"Breakfast is ready go down mother made food"

"Ok", Amanda stretched as he huge F-cup breast jiggled from her stretch it is amazing that she has big breast at her age all that food she consumes goes to those. Vasco goes to the last one Latina and rubs her head. Opening her eyes knowing who it was as she smiles lovely looking at the one boy she adores with a passion.

"Big brother!", Latina jumps from her bed and throws herself wrapping her arms around his neck. Vasco hugs her back caressing her head and rubbing her back. As she melts by his touches loving every single second of it the moment she is having.


"Brother we need to switch if you don't mind", Amanda spoke up as she coughed to get their attention it made her just shake her head as it's the usual thing Latina does to him. She is always attach to him.

"I'll be waiting with mom wake Carole for me", Vasco exited the room as he went downstairs leaving them to change.