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Yandere Conquered


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A story about a yandere that's loved this person for and a boy that likes her back. After dating him, she finds herself blushing while being around him and well, she becomes more passive while being around him. Like a girl whos fallen real hard. She's a completely different person around him. With her title of 'yandere' in danger, what will she do when suddenly all these love interest start appearing, threatening their whole relationship. I have no clue what's going on with the summary, so, please just give the story a read. BTW, the first... idk chapters are gonna 'normal' romance with lots of drama. But then later on, it gets more and more yandere-like. Lol, I pretty much spoiled like half the series. super lol, whatevs. ALSO!!!! The series says it's harem, but!! it just means lots of love interests. AND, 18+ plus tag is purely for plot and stuff. (that'll only happen a lil later though) Other genres: Drama, Romance, Harem, Ecchi, School life. Other tags: Beautiful Female Protagonist, Childhood friend, Younger sister, Brother complex, Trap, Teacher, First love, Yandere, Clingy lover, Love rivals, Obsessive Love, Multiple POV, Love triangle, Popular love interest, Part-time job Art not mine, All credits to artist.


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